You Got What You Wished For, Usurper, Now Enjoy It

Not much to add to the posts below, really.

Until Barack Hussein Obama has proven his eligibility for the office, he is not my president.

Until Barack Hussein Obama’s paid henchmen in ACORN have been investigated thoroughly and, if found guilty, punished to the full extent of the law, he is not my president.

He can play president all he wants, ignorant fools often get a huge kick out of indulging in their delusions, and his mindless followers can bleat and bray about their Anointed One at the top of their lungs, but he still isn’t my president.

I owe him no loyalty, I owe him no allegiance and I owe him no respect. All of that he has to earn, because he puts his pants on the same way as I every morning, one leg at a time.

The only thing owed by me is covered by my Oath, and that was not given to any son or daughter of man, it was given to the Constitution, the sacred foundation of our nation. The pathetic trappings of office that he surrounds himself with, the waves of adulation washing over him from his braindead sycophants in the Obamedia, all of that is but dust in the wind and I regard it with the same indifference that I show toward a worm writhing under my foot as I step on it. Here today, gone tomorrow. He, too, shall pass.

But my Oath is forever, and so is the document, the nation to which I swore it. His every word, his every deed, every “law” that his Congress passes shall be weighed, by me, against the words put down by our Founders centuries ago and, if found wanting in any way, I shall ignore them as I would ignore a fly hitting the windshield of my car.

And if he and his tyrannical henchmen try to force me to obey his illegal orders, laws and regulations, I shall meet them with force as well. If I die, I shall die a free man. If I live, I shall have done my country a great favor.

Either way, I shall have done my duty.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

So help me G-d.


  1. 101
    LC Guy S says:

    Pengor @ #98

    … according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

    The above is the “qualifier”. If an order is unlawful then one is not obligated to follow it. However, you had better have your ducks in a row if you do this. Somehow, I don’t believe we would have too much of a problem with the majority of our men and women currently serving (along with those of us who still feel obliged to honor and follow the oath to our graves) following any unlawful order issued by the new Commander in Chief.

  2. 102
    JannyMae says:

    Pengor sez:

    There has been no evidence presented that he was not eligible to be president.

    That isn’t the problem I have with the whole citizenship thing. The problem is that he has presented no (legitimate) evidence that he IS eligible to be president. The burden of proof was on him, and he won’t provide his original birth document.

    He is hiding something. There are other documents he won’t provide either. Why won’t he provide them, unless they don’t match his, “life story” as it has been told to us?

  3. 103
    bruce says:

    president buckweat is a racist, commie traitor who will try to steal our freedoms.they are already lining up censorship and anti-gun bills for teh one to drool on wonder full.anti-gun bill is sponsored by a black panther from you guessed it,Illinois,now i wonder just who he wants to disarm?i don’t see any republicans sounding the alarm or denouncing the stimulus bill which is a social spending give away however white males will not be eligible for any money or jobs.this is racist crap and it will only get worse when he grants amnesty to millions of criminals.i have already started to move my savings over seas where he can’t get his commie paws on it.

  4. 104
    Fmwoods01 says:

    bruce @:

    That’s a pretty bleak scenario, feel fortunate that you have a savings to ship although I suspect they will attempt to slow down the flow of citizen’s money out of the country, (maybe the illegals’ money as well), so they’ll get their hands on more to throw down that bailout scheme rat-hole. I’ll bet Algore wishes he thought of that :em98:


  5. 105
    expatchris says:

    Pengor the part of your statement that is more important than the prez is :-I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; the new prez is a perfect fit for that one line and as far as I can find out (I was English) the constitution is the most precious possession of the USA.

  6. 106
  7. 107
    bruce says:

    Fmwoods01 @:
    i bought a lot of gold

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