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…and now the obligatory year-end sad Glyukoza song:

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    Princess Natasha, Resident Token Anarchist says:
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    Ha! Had that playing on my car stereo earlier today while driving to my Parents’ castle. :em03:

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    Elephant Man says:
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    I’m playing that song repeatedly as I’m drinking coffee and watching DB and Brendan go ’round and ’round on the InstaBark…. :em01:

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    LC PrimEviL says:
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    Nice. Couldn’t understand the lyrics, but the animation says it all: the desperate sense of sadness,
    abandonment, rejection, and betrayal.

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    Light29ID says:
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    More proof that if you want to live a happy life….get a dog….

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    Wow – okay…

    Well, on a more upbeat note, here she is in all her smokin’-hotness!

    – MD

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