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First, the obligatory funny picture…

Funny, huh?

Here it is, the day after Christmas, (or Boxing Day for those of you in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, Greenland, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macau, Nigeria and countries in the Commonwealth of Nations with a mainly Christian population.  South Africa has to be different by calling it the Day of Goodwill.

For a lot of people, this is the week we get to decide what our New Year’s resolutions are going to be.

I’ve managed to keep mine for each of the past five years — of course they’ve tended to be fairly easy ones (and Jan is a brutal tyrant when it comes to forcing me to keep them)

This coming year might prove to be a tough one.

It came to me a yesterday, as I was reading through some of the comments here.  Actually it solidified at that point — it has been something I have been leaning towards for almost a year now.

I am tired of arguing politics.  I am tired of defending the indefensible.  I am tired of being right and I am tired of being wrong.  Or both at the same time.

I personally like most of the people here that I’ve known over the years — even if we don’t often see eye-to-eye here on a narrow band of topics.  A VERY narrow band of topics when compared to everything else in the world.  I have spent the past seven years or so playing the part of the foil here — the bouncing board, the face of the opposing argument.

It hasn’t been without a certain toll on my part.

My New Year’s Resolution is as such:

I resolve to refrain from political comments, political discussions, and arguments here and on other websites.

I will still make sure things run here, I will chat in the instant chat, I will even exchange emails — as long as they don’t contain political/religious or other topics that lend to being argumentative.

So there you have it, MY resolution.  Does anyone else have a New Year’s Resolution they’d like to share here?

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    LC LOBO says:
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    That even though I can’t buy a gun in this state, I will buy ammo.

  2. 52
    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:
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    FrJim,, I’m very glad you are here. You have already helped me greatly, even if you don’t know it. In my experience, any group, even this group of renegades, needs the solace and wisdom of a wise clergy. I’m with Jaybear on this one, recent events have drawn me even closer to my Creator and best friend, with the rotties running a close second.

  3. 53
    LC Old Dog says:
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    My resolution is to finally get it up a site where I can be myself and to hell with what anyone thinks!


  4. 54
    Ten-Ten says:
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    My Resolution is Revolution.

    (as soon as someone talks me in off of the ledge.)

    (this is no fun anymore.)

  5. 55
    Dragineez says:
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    Deej, I’ve always loved your input. Not always agreed with it, maybe. But I’ve always enjoyed it.

    Should you decide to drop by one day and insert your “tidbits of wisdom”, well — none of us will hold it against you and claim “you didn’t keep your word”.

    In all honesty, I’d like to hear from you – from time to time.

    Cheers Deej, A Very Merry Christmas and a VERY Happy New Year.

  6. 56
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    LC Old Dog sez:

    My resolution is to finally get it up a site where I can be myself and to hell with what anyone thinks!

    Uh, I fixed the edit button so you could fix your mistakes (unless that was what you intended to say…)


  7. 57
    Mike M says:
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    RIP Colonel Robert Howard :em04:

    Howard grew up in Opelika, Ala., and served in the Army from 1956 to 1992. He was part of the U.S. Army Special Forces, known as the Green Berets, and ran cross-border operations in Laos, Cambodia and North Vietnam. He was wounded 14 times in Vietnam and was awarded eight Purple Hearts.

    He was nominated three times for the Medal of Honor, the nation’s most prestigious award for combat veterans. President Richard M. Nixon presented him with the honor at the White House in 1971 for his bravery in Vietnam during a mission to rescue a missing soldier in enemy territory.

    He died Christmas Eve.

  8. 58
    LC teen, page of the empire says:
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    we always did love ya deej, even if we are a bit harsh… which is quite a bit of an understatement. :em04:

  9. 59
    LC teen, page of the empire says:
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    oh and my new years resolution is to get all my college and scholarship stuff complete in a timely fashion…

  10. 60
    Elephant Man says:
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    Given the spirit of the upcoming New Year celebration, I bring you this:

    It seems that the word is going around the sinister right-wing blogosphere that Max Baucus “tied one on” before coming out on the Senate floor to lecture the evil republicans about health care.

    Senator Max Baucus Drunk / Intoxicated on Senate Floor – Shouts Down Wicker

    I’m sure the Left will say that he was just “tired” from his heroic battle against the health insurance cabal.

    Maybe he was possessed by the ghost of Ted Kennedy… :em99:

    At any rate, combating the agenda of the right-wing corporate oligarchy and their lackeys in Congress is thirsty work.

    Skoal! :em03: :em93:

  11. 61
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    Dang Jaybear, how many times did that he say “bipartisan”? :em99:
    :em41: :em98:

    “Hey, Gargoyle, You wid’ dat towel and snoot,, I’ll have what da senator’s havin’,, chop-chop boy!”

  12. 62
    Elephant Man says:
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    I have a question for Sen. Baucus….

    WTF is a “senocrat”? :em01: ?

    (He slurs that out about the 50 second mark.)

  13. 63
    Princess Natasha, Resident Token Anarchist says:
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    Baucus is down with Bacchus! :em03:

  14. 64
    AyUaxe says:
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    DeeJ–more power to you if you can keep this resolution and no recriminations from here, if you can’t or later decide you don’t want to. Your input has always provided an interesting spark–if sometimes irksome to some who visit here. I’ve said at least a few times before that I appreciate DeeJ’s argument, because, as someone in Da Bible said, “Steel sharpens steel.” I’m also happy to accept DeeJ’s resolution at face value and honor it in future discussions. There’s much to be said for focusing on larger areas of agreement, allowing experience and facts to bring reasonable people closer together and for peace generally. Happy New Year to all!

  15. 65
    LC Gonzman says:
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    I don’t make resolutions.

    I am a serious “New Year’s Grinch.” If I want to drink, I drink, and I don’t go around requiring a fake and arbitrary holiday to provide me the excuse. If New Year’s fell on a solistice or equinox, I might, but it’s in the middle of nothing. My birthday is sufficient time to mark an anniversary of orbits around the sun, and it at leat has a significance to myself, my parents, family and friends, and to my enemies (The old bastard isn’t dead YET?!?!?! Pray harder….)

    So, I resolve to continue to be all the asshole I can be.

    Where I cannot serve as an example, let me serve as a terrible warning.

    I will continue to mock, ridicule, revile, and regard no shot as too cheap to take against Teleprompter Jesus.

    I will continue to weed leftists out of my circle of acquaintances.

    I will continue to not engage in any prosletyzing to my religion, because working out my own salvation is a full time job and I just plain don’t give a fuck if someone else goes to hell. It’s not my job, it’s the church’s job, and they pay professional evangelists to do that out of my donations.

    I resolve to continue to work and game the system as I have since election 2008, taking smug satisfaction that the money I take out of it is depriving someone truly needy of getting it. I paid a whole wad of money in 2008. This year I went John Galt, and as a result of my strike, I am now firmly a net drain on the Chocolate Jesus’ socialist system. I hope it breaks. And yes, I am doing it out of pure fucking spite, just because it is within my power to do so. Anti-productivity.

    I have gotten to the point where I think I genuinely hope the USA breaks up. Fiddytooers be damned, take your blue states and fuck the fuckity fucking fucking fuck out of fucking you. And be prepared for an influx of freeloaders and losers as refugees as you bleed producers for a more friendly environment. And as far as I am concerned you may have both Washington DC and the name. Just like Microsoft let IBM have the name of OS/2. (And the indenture to your heathen Chinee masters. Fuck you some more.)

    And you can have Hollywood, too, or as I like to call it “Sodom by the Sea.”

    I take perverted comfort in knowing that when the Pisslamics finally achieve their act of Nuclear Terrorism – because we have to be perfect every time, and they just have to be lucky once – that it is going to occur in a blue city and kill a lot of liberals.

    I can well imagine how Deej feels. I think “Defending the indefensible” about sums it up.

  16. 66
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    Fuckin’ A, Gonzman. Fuckin’ A! :em03:

  17. 67
    Sir Guido Cabrone. LC, M.o.P. says:
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    I resolve to look for my mind……. I seem to have lost it

    Are you sure Dog didn’t bury it in the backyard? :em95:

  18. 68
    anonymous hourly worker says:
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    I resolve to quit smoking.

    That was last year’s resolution, too.

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