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Since we are doing open threads, I figure it is safe to come in with something personal. Those who know me, know that I am not a Christian of any of the varied flavors. That does not mean that I have any animus towards Christians, by any means. I am instead grateful. My personal lack of faith does in no way invalidate, or even impact the faith of others. It speaks more to my failings than to anything else.

I mentioned gratitude. It is well that I should. Look at the various systems of thought that people try to use to guide their lives. Islam, the very word means absolute submission. And the goal all their existence is to be a worthy slave of Allah. Buddhism and Hinduism are focused not on life, but on release from the cycle of birth and death. Taoism is tuned to arcane mysticism. And Confucianism is less a religion than a way to get a lot of people crowded together in a small space to live together without killing each other. All of the varied forms of coercive Collectivism; be they Marxist, Fascist, or modern Democrat are based on the subordination of the individual to the Collective, and a belief that a human being can be perfected by forced submission to the will of specially self-selected, yet still themselves imperfect humans.

The only widespread faith that gives the individual standing, even before G-d, is the Judeo-Christian ethos. From the Covenant with Abraham, to the death and Resurrection of Jesus, it is the standing and free will of the individual soul before even G-d himself that is the source in our culture of the belief in the worth of the individual over the that of the State, over the will of Tyrants. It is that belief that makes us free men and women.

So, on this eve of the celebration of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth; I pray that you let this humble soul, pagan according to your belief, offer thanks for the freedom that comes from your faith, and a wish that you and yours are gathered in joy, health, and safety this Christmas. And that through the trials to come and after, we will continue to be able to so gather.

LC Subotai Bahadur, Lord Pao An

107 Responses to “A Pagan Gives Thanks for Christmas.”

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    LC Mike in Chi says:
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    Deej sez:

    You choose to get pissed, just as you choose any emotion you feel at the moment.

    Bwaahahahaha…What a Billy Jack thing to say.(psst… I dare ya’ to read the whole review.)
    I’m tellin’ you Deej, sometimes, you really crack me up! :em01: :em93:

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    LC Gonzman says:
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    Far as Christmas goes, my position is this: If you resent it, give back your presents, give back your bonus, and go to work on Christmas day on regular time (or refuse your holiday pay if work is closed) – or shut the fuck up, you fucking hypocrite.

    As far as other of “The Holidays” go – it’s not my place to wish you a “Happy Whatever” on your day. If you follow a religion I accept your wishes for a “Merry Myholiday” in the spirit offered.

    Fuck Kwanzaa. Martin Luther King Junior didn’t become the mouthpiece for integration to give black Americans the freedom to ghettoize themselves and live in a self-imposed apartheid. The irony of going to a college that at one time had a black dorm forced on them, to now having a black dorm is not lost on me.

    And if I was Satan Mekratrig plotting in Hell, I’d have never looked to Anton LaVey to found my church, but to Mohammed.

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    LC Cheapshot911, Dept. of Redneck Tech sez:

    Freudian,, divorces ain’t pretty no matter how amicable,,

    For the “Family Values” and the “Protect Marriage” crowds, I find it more than hypocritical when divorces are considered okay and acceptable.

    I am all for protecting marriage. Let’s outlaw divorce. Can’t get along with the person you married? Tough tittie. Should have been a bit more careful about who you chose as a “life-long partner”. Move out, see other people, but you still have to carry around the burden of your bad decisions until “death do you part”. They call it a “vow” for a reason.

    LC Mike in Chi sez:

    Bwaahahahaha…What a Billy Jack thing to say.(psst… I dare ya’ to read the whole review.)

    It’s actually basic psychology regardless of the concept being used in a movie.

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    anonymous hourly worker says:
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    Got busy over the holidays and missed the flame war. Now I’ll just have to act like my mother and utter, “G*d damn you all. I can’t leave you alone for a single minute, even on Christmas!” under my breath.

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    Skul says:
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    Ya, I’m a few days short.
    Merry christmas.

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    LC Mike in Chi says:
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    DJ Allyn, ITW, says:

    It’s actually basic psychology…

    Right you are; I believe, also, that the reactionary knee-jerk hostility was a bit unbalanced, given what was being discussed. I can’t figure why tit for tat has to be taken so personally.
    I see democrats squandering my progeny’s liberty and freedom to choose their own direction in life.
    You might have different views, certainly.
    If I said I saw Homo’s hiding in the bushes at the petting zoo talking the animals into joining Islam for BJs, I should expect a bit of ridicule from any and all quarters.
    Unless I change my grandsons diaper or lose some more weight I shan’t see any phallics for quite some time.
    I guess I’ll just have to grin and bare it.

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    LC TerribleTroy, Imperial Centurion says:
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    Im curious……exactly who is one vowing to, in a marriage ceremony?

    Could it be……………..SATAN!

    Chuch lady dancin………

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