You Gotta Love Capitalism, Even If It’s Foolish

Of course, I know it’s rather well into the wee morning hours (the fickle farkin’ writing-muse) , but the circadian rhythms are completely lost on this middle-aged  body of late. In addition to a fine mis-adventure yesterday, that regardless, was a real blast. my sleep cycle is a disaster zone (hey, can I get federal funding for that, mebbe ADA?).  No I’m not saying a damn thing about what, who or where that adventure arose or occurred. Being a rather careful observer of my surroundings, there appears to be a stampede-trend on cashing in on the Teh One’s election. Not that I’m all for a free economy, meaning companies can do what they want, but that being said, the pure foolishness of trying to “‘cash-in’ on chimeras will guarantee providing stock for your local dollar store and yard-sales in due course.  We’ve seen Obama victory hats, Obama look-alike used car commercials (from the ‘trendy’ section of Dallas, I might add), Montel Williams hosting TV ads (no relation to the brilliant Walter Williams) for this:  Obama Historic Commemorative Plates (SPEW WARNING)  for the mere price of $19.99 (plus S&H) you can have a ‘collectible’ crappy Chinese-made stoneware plate worth about $2 at Wal-Mart, with the visage of the Lawn-Jockey-In-Waiting imprinted on it with the inscription of the brilliant and fresh statement that “Change Has Come” beneath the well-retouched portrait, but wait…. you also get a “free” presidential coin for an even better deal. It’s a shame, no one can tell us exactly what change has or will come.

Of course, my Sith brain tells me that feminine hygiene products, geriatric supplies, adult toys (think vibrating ears), toilet paper, soap-on-a-rope (very popular with the LBGT folks)  and Bog knows what our wonderful free-market capitalist society will think of next.  Not that I’m in the least bit against, trying to earn a dollar on whatever some silly marketing execs and CEOs decide to sell and dupes are willing to pay for. It’s just that I can’t visualize it being a long-term investment market. Let’s say around the end of January, I’ll wager the ‘demand’ for these products will drop off and your local Big Lots or Dollar General stores will have them at bargain prices. I suppose the most disgusting product thus far, is the plate, offered at $19.99, I do suppose it could be a substitute for syrup of Ipecac. Just load it up and when the patient sees the countenance on the plate, nature will take it’s course. Likewise it seems that it could be a pricey alternative to pooper-scoopers, and I’m sure some Right Wing Death Beast will parley that into a nice shop job, much more precious that the cheap-ass stoneware plate that they’re hawking.  I did find it disturbing nauseating that Montel Williams is saturating the television commercials with cheesy colored U.S. coins in various denomination with Teh One’s visage looking down his nose and sharing space with George Washington and JFK.

Regardless, it’s a beautiful system we have of free-market trade when companies spend millions to produce products that don’t have any real value, only potential value as a mockery of something that hasn’t and won’t occur with the hopes the suckers buyers are willing to part with their hard-earned dollars to obtain. Old P. T. Barnum was right. A much better investment would be lottery tickets, that is, if congress leaves you ANY disposable income.

As I see it, they might want to consider hemorrhoid cream in that name brand, as following January 20th, we’ll all need it. Or perhaps, Lawn-Jockeys with hope and change may return to fashionable lawn statements.  Sorry that would be racists no? Please… hurt me again with that characterization.

The better view of this whole projectile-vomiting issue, is that capitalism is alive and well in Amercia today. Just don’t bet your retirement on an increased market value of a jug-eared, ward heel’s ability to actually do anything worth commemorating other than to buy an election by throwing any and all aspersions about his past acquaintances or actual record under the bus.

Unlike the History Channel show recently with a full-tilt socialist “economist” (that no one has heard of) blames the credit and housing crisis on unfettered free-markets, carefully deflecting the near-criminal aspects of execs and pressure from congress to move in that direction. Not unsuspected, he blames congress’ deregulation of the financial markets as the culprit. His ‘obvious’ solution is a massively regulated financial system, overseen by the gubmint to prevent a ’29 depression from happening again.

I wonder if they’re considering bailouts already for plate and ball-cap manufacturers that hitched their wagons to the smoke and mirrors of a Hafrican Ward-Heel from Chicago. After all, W and congress both seem perfectly willing to help out bidness practices that no sane person would use. Why not?

Pardon me while I make another contribution to the porcelain bus.

F.E.T.E.  Sorry BC, it’s only appropriate here.



  1. 51
    Trish says:

    I hate to be reduced to quoting cartoon characters (which is why I never quote Obama), but I remember a Garfield cartoon that sums it all up rather nicely:

    It’s amazing the things people would rather have than money.

  2. 52
    Farmor says:

    Hi everybody – nothing to do with this – I’m just jo happy to be able to leave a comment (or 2 :em01: ) here. Happy New Year – better late than never.

  3. 53
    gahaze says:

    How about Teh One’s mug on dartboards? Or sighting–in targets? :em93:
    Better yet, how about one of those “washable” tattoo transfers? I could
    put one on my ass, and crap through his mouth!!! :em01:
    Or a decapitatible Obama “ken” doll, which comes complete with

  4. 54

    I am still shuddering over the Obama Toy … cant you just see Kayinsane shoving two of those up, one in the stinkhole and one in the other stinkhole?

  5. 55
    LC Aggie Sith says:

    Intellectual Conservative, Imperial Kulak @:

    I am still shuddering over the Obama Toy …

    My abject and sincere apologies….but feel free to blame BC for that. :em01:

  6. 56

    By the way, a ghost from this board’s past, ‘Kropotkin Beard’ is whining over on BlameBush about being banned here. Makes for some amusing reading

    Ten demerits for not providing a link. :em95:

  7. 57
    teenconservative says:

    cant remember how to put my avatar on there. how do ya?

  8. 58

    You can see it here

    KB is known here as Kropotkin Beard .. Misha has handed him his ass more than once,. cut up into little bits … he’s the kind of leftie that no matter how much you beat him on the facts he claims he has never lost an argument. He also has some sockpuppets who I seem to have righteously pissed off by stating I’d never sell what my company does to idiots like Michael Mooreon et al .. and they’ve started a bit of a jihad against me .. :chuckling:

    Beware though …. KB is one of those long winded bastards … and if you want to drive him insane just point out the obvious flaws and hypocrisy of Noam Chomsky or Kropotkin :em95:

  9. 59
    teenconservative says:

    lets see if my av worked…


  10. 60
    LC Aggie Sith says:

    WHOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!

    Andrew Breitbart has just launched his new blog at :

    A big shout-out to Hollywood conservatives to come out of the woodwork!!!!

  11. 61
    LC Aggie Sith says:


    Heh…you cannot stop me, Spam catcher….BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

  12. 62
    LC Aggie Sith says:

    And from the link I posted above, some wonderful words from Gary Graham:

    Alcohol addiction, substance abuse, your mother never said she loves you. Having trouble finding work, it’s the white, black, purple guys keeping you down. Your car company is going under, it’s the unfair business practices abroad and an economic downturn. Hey, nimrods – newsflash. LIFE IS HARD. The End. Get used to it, suck it up, get some spine, invent some if you have none, and GET ON WITH IT!!!! I’d like to offer, in utter compassion, and speaking on behalf of at least several like-minded bretheren out there, a class-action BITCH-SLAP to every mamby-pamby, limp-wristed douche-bag of a complainer who has the audacity to hope that we hard-working, God-fearing, America-loving taxpayers should be forced to give you one penny of our income to enable you further in your responsibility-shirking, self-destructive habits. Get your collective shiite together, friends. I am not, nor are my friends, my brother’s keeper.

    I miss “Alien Nation”….Sigh…..

  13. 63
    rightismightNY says:

    I was walking through a store’s magazine section and lo and behold, mine eyes fell upon the Greatness that was an Obama calendar…After choking back a goodly amount of bile and the remains of my lunch, I removed the calendars from their spot and placed them upside-down and backwards in behind a section of “for Dummies” books.
    It was then that I saw magazine after magazine with that jug-eared snake-oil salesman’s puss plastered on the fronts. Not to be deterred, I removed every title with that gorge-inducing likeness on it and hid them behind other magazines. I encourge all of you to do the same…

  14. 64
    Radical Redneck says:

    Intellectual Conservative, Imperial Kulak @:

    I am still shuddering over the Obama Toy … cant you just see Kayinsane shoving two of those up, one in the stinkhole and one in the other stinkhole?

    Question: which one smells worse? I think we know which one – even after Kayinsane’s huge lobster and bean feast for Kwanzaa!

    Lately she’s been vomiting up a daily post dissing Levi Johnston’s (Palin’s son-in-law) work and qualifications on Alaska’s North Slope. Maybe I’m too senstive ( :em99: ) but something tells me a 40+ meatbag’s obsession with an 18 year old boy with whom she has no connection at all is a little, shall we say, creepy. :em38: :em95:

  15. 65
    BigDogg says:

    Deathknyte sez:

    Off Topic but Glen Beck has declared that there we no Jews living in the Holy Land before the end of WWII. I will no longer be listening to him, he is almost as stupid as the real liberals.

    Further off-topic, but I believe Beck is Mormon. If someone can look at the Joseph Smith and the Golden Plates story and not laugh their ass off, then they will probably believe anything.

    … so flame me …

  16. 66

    Consider thyself flamed, I’m Mormon.

    And Joseph Smith and the Golden Plates is a lot more credible than Muhammed and the Death Cult.

  17. 67
    Deathknyte says:

    Darwin Awards

    Third Place
    After stepping around a marked police patrol car parked at the front door, a man walked into H&J Leather & Firearms intent on robbing the store. The shop was full of customers and a uniformed officer was standing at the counter. Upon seeing the officer, the would-be robber announced a hold-up! and fired a few wild shots from a target pistol. The officer and a clerk promptly returned fire, and several customers also drew their guns and fired. The robber was pronounced dead at the scene by Paramedics. Crime scene investigators located 47 expended cartridge cases in the shop. The subsequent autopsy revealed 23 gunshot wounds. Ballistics identified rounds from 7 different weapons. No one else was hurt.

    Slightly under 50% hit rate? Some people need more range time.

  18. 68
    Cheapshot911 says:

    :em01: :em95: :em01: DK!

    (Darwin reaches for popcorn)

  19. 69
    Cheapshot911 says:

    47 spent rounds, 23 hits,,, lessee, why that’s,, 24 warning shots?

  20. 70

    Anyone want to lay odds the goblin was an Obama supporter? Sounds like that kind of Galactically Stoopid … trying to rob a gun store …. with a cop present .. and the customers largely armed … and opening fire ..

    I can just see a lawyer suing the gun store on behalf of the goblin’s estate …

  21. 71
    Cheapshot911 says:

    ‘Had a mugging go bad just up the street a ways.
    The news video showed the feller, ‘spoke jus, like, Forrest, Gump..
    Double tap, end o’ that.

  22. 72
    The GIS Guy says:

    You think Obama is SHARING space with Washington and JFK? Oh no no no….They put the Obamessiah’s likeness OVER the rendering of JFK! Those are JFK half Dollars that have been defiled with the Obamessiah’s face!

  23. 73
    LC Rurik says:

    Jaybear, Colonel of Imperial Ancient Artillery sez:

    I see a golden opportunity to play with my food

    Yep. Lookin at the plate just takes away your appetite doesn’t it. :em58:

    [brag] BTW. I finally managed, by a mixture of charm and bullying, to overcome the nasty Gravatarbama and I have my own Icon back. Hoooah! [/brag]

  24. 74
    Hardclimber says:

    Alright, slightly OT here, but how come you folks get you avatars back and I end up with this silly what-ever-it-is that someone picked for me. If I pissed somebody off, please let me know, heck, I don’t deserve this, being the Imperial Chief Pilot and Aviator damn it!!!

    OK, you want me to beg… Wait a minute, I am an officer, I don’t beg!!!

    A bit of groveling perhaps…

  25. 75
    Cheapshot911 says:

    Log back into Gravatar, reload your cockpit shot, HC.

    That icon’s creepin’ me out too.

    I gotta figure out how to make my background clear again.

  26. 76
    Fmwoods01 says:

    Hardclimber @:69

    You have to go to that Gravatar site (top left under your account profile) and download your avatar from your puter’s hard drive. Then you have to wait for it to catch up. (I think….worked for me….good luck)


  27. 77
    LC Jon Imperial Hunter says:

    LC Aggie Sith @:

    Wonderful link Aggie, duly bookmarked.

    One of the great one liners I’ve ever heard, from that rant:

    “Who can identify virtue, when there is no shame?” Gary Graham


  28. 78
    sig94 says:

    There’s another new post-election product coming out – the Obama “Hope & Change”™ line of Personal Lubricants. There are several stunning, sensual offerings such as “I Sure Hope This Ain’t A Goat” and “”I’d Like To Do My Sister For A Change.

  29. 79
  30. 80
    Hardclimber says:


    Alright, I just spewed a perfectly good mouthful of fine Merlot all over my !@#$%^&* keyboard, thank you very much!!!

    And do you know how difficult it is to find a fine Merlot by any chance..? Oh wait, Obami baby will change all that and make a dozen bottles of the stuff appear in my wine rack as soon as he is done with your “sensual offerings”…

    Crap, how do I clean this???

  31. 81
    LC hilljohnny says:

    an underage goat at that

  32. 82
    Hardclimber says:

    LC hilljohnny

    an underage goat at that

    I hope that, at least, it’s a female…

  33. 83

    In the immortal words of Sam Kinison ‘Can this joke go any lower? YEP! I CAN DO IT! Here you go … CRASH .. hit another rock layer!’

  34. 84
    Hardclimber says:

    I hope he washed himself first, don’t want the poor goat to end up with some veneral disease… And he could at least have chosen a pretty one…

    (I’m sick) :em99:

  35. 85
    sig94 says:

    In the immortal words of Sam Kinison ‘Can this joke go any lower? YEP! I CAN DO IT! Here you go … CRASH .. hit another rock layer!’


    Yes indeed, it is a challenge; but we gird our loins and rise to the occasion as our friendly goatman did.

    I messed up the other link.

  36. 86
    TerribleTroy says:

    Im thinking th whole lawn jockey thing doesnt have as much to do with race as to Obama being just barely qualified for that particular position. In short, only smart enough to be trained to stand at the entry point holding a light for arriving visitors. Now Barki could be a “sanitation technician” but he doesnt have the muscular development necesary, he could be a cashier at (pick your fast food joint) but given his understanding of economics… that might be a stretch…. Im thinking he could possibly be a taxi driver, but I dont even know if he can drive…. maybe he could be a state senator… lets check his record…. oh wait.. that dosnt exist…. maybe he could be a US senator… oh wait he did that….. and didnt accomplish shit…. maybe he could be POTUS….. yep too late.. he’s already fucking that up …. So ultimately I think he better work on his public speaking skills (got to get rid of that verbal “uh” and “um” and the st st stutter. he will probably have a lucrative career on the college speech circuit……

  37. 87

    They’re takin’ away their WHAT?

    Man, if they ever come for mine,,, :em96:

  38. 88
    Red Ruffansore says:

    The shine is going to wear off of this street corner circus clown fast. He’s surrounded himself with Clinton leftovers and they’ll spoil faster than that turkey that’s still sitting in the fridge since Christmas. Every utterance he makes proves he’s way over his head and all the world rejoices in our stupidity. Well I’ve always said stupid should hurt and this chump is going to bring the hurt. Outside of one year even the media won’t be able to go all Tropic Thunder on him and continue to slurp gravy. Continue to prepare for all things because all things bad will be possible with this empty suit getting his strings pulled.

  39. 89

    TerribleTroy sez:

    Im thinking th whole lawn jockey thing doesnt have as much to do with race as to Obama being just barely qualified for that particular position.

    And you would be absolutely right.

    I’m a snob, I’ll admit it. I’m a qualifications-snob. I don’t care what fucking sewer you were born in, I don’t care what your bloodline is, what I DO care about is whether you have, in any shape, form or fashion, EARNED the respect that you now insist on commanding.

    If you were born a bastard to criminal parents in the slums of Calcutta and PROVED yourself to have something worthy of respect, you’d be alright with me.

    If you were born to the purest bloodline in history with a pedigree that would make kings envious and you’d failed to accomplish a single thing in your life, you’d still be a filty, fucking, bloody PEASANT to me.

    Or a lawn jockey, if you prefer. Same thing. I don’t like peasants unless they’re feeding me and licking my boots. If they want something better than that, they have to earn it. And if that “offends” them, then so much the better. It only proves my point. People who “have it”, no matter where they come from, can’t be “offended”, because they KNOW they’re better than that and they’ll just think “consider the source”, as well they should. At any rate, they’ll prove themselves sooner or later, most likely sooner.

    People who DON’T have it will be the ones whining, pissing and moaning about not being shown the respect that they think they have earned, and anybody with half a brain can spot those PEASANTS a mile away.

    If the Obamessiah wants my respect, it’s his for the taking, but he has to fucking well do something to earn it first. If all he has in his “earned” column is the amount of melanin in his skin, his last name (as in the Kennedys) or some other arbitrary heap of PEASANT shit, he can go ceremoniously fuck himself.

    I don’t revere symbols, I revere deeds.

    If that makes me a “racist”, then I’m fucking PROUD of it.

    And if my mocking of the empty suit magic negro rankles somebody who would eat the shit out of his sphincter because his daddy happened to be black, then I’m even MORE proud.

    Go worship your idols and graven images, heathens, I’ll piss on you before I send you back to Hell.

  40. 90
    Ten-Ten says:


    Nothing good ever came out of Ocoee.

    Remember the old “Welcome to Ocoee” sign?

    :em01: :em99: :em95:

  41. 91

    Since Bambi is our first Affirmative-action president, I think race is a central issue. HE himself made an issue of it…you can deny it all you want, but he did.

    Fair is fair. He can’t change the rules now just cause HE doesn’t like them.

    Nor can you.

  42. 92
    LC Xystus says:

    I am through with this.

    Obviously not.

  43. 93
    LC Gunsniper says:

    I am fairly certain that Obama decide to run for president AS a black man. He ran in SPITE of the fact that he was black. He couldn’t help it if everyone else wanted to focus on his race, and point it out all the time.

    You are so full of shit up to your neck. jugears and the rest of you traitorcrats did nothing but make his pigmentation an issue. Sure, you didn’t come right out and say it since candor isn’t the left’s strong suit. Your kind did and still continue to use it as a club against anyone who doesn’t worship at the feet of your false god and personally, I get a kick out of it. It’s too damn funny watching millions of lefty racists point the finger elsewhere since the only reason juggy got the nod was his skin tone. Yes Deej, you and your fellow travelers are the real racists since you voted for your token because you voted a for color, not a person. So shove your self-righteous indignation because it is as phony as you false god.

    Never forget that your party invented the KKK, Jim Crow and continue to use the public treasury and “affirmative action” to maintain the plantation (now known as the ghetto).

    Worry about the boulder in your eye rather than the speck in someone else’s.

  44. 94

    “Did I mention?, I’m black!”

    Direct quote.
    He wouldn’t say that if he didn’t feel it was an advantage.
    Racist shitstain.

  45. 95
    GamerFromJump says:

    So the religion of Marx™ has “progressed” from the selling of offsets indulgences to flat-out idolatry? Color me (not) shocked.

  46. 96
    GamerFromJump says:

    Moderate-o-matic doesn’t like me… 🙁

    But the gravatar system remembered me! 🙂

  47. 97

    If I recall, DJ, he made comments about his “typical white person” grandmother, made reference to how the right would say that he “didn’t look like the other presidents” on the money (or words to that effect), and some similar phrases. The right said very little, if anything, about his race because as soon as they did they would be branded racist.

    Fact: Barack Obama is an affirmative action president. Had he NOT been black, he wouldn’t even have been a blip on the radar. No white junior senator with such a glaring lack of credentials would have even been considered.

    Fact: The left (and Bambi himself) made more of a deal about his race than did the right.

    Fact: He has made more of the fact that he is black than white, when he is BOTH.

    Fact: He was totally pwned by the left, and he’s nothing more than a tool. We see evidence of the left’s TRUE feelings towards blacks with their treatment of Roland Burris.

  48. 98

    And you really think the fact that he would be the first “black” president never crossed his mind, if nothing else for the historical value? If so, then I have a bridge I’d be happy to sell ya.

  49. 99

    Intellectual Conservative, Imperial Kulak sez:

    Consider thyself flamed, I’m Mormon.

    And Joseph Smith and the Golden Plates is a lot more credible than Muhammed and the Death Cult.

    Yep, trudat. I’m sorry IC, but those golden plates…well at least the LDS has some worthwhile points. Pisslam has zero. Nada. And I say once again, if it is their devout wish to die so that they may inherit 72 Virginians, we can help. The LDS at least has some worthwhile intent in helping themselves and others. My eclecticism, derived from having been dead, tells me in my heart of hearts that almost all religions have SOME truth. None have all. Pisslam has none. That is merely serving Satan.

  50. 100

    Deathknyte sez:

    Crime scene investigators located 47 expended cartridge cases in the shop. The subsequent autopsy revealed 23 gunshot wounds. Ballistics identified rounds from 7 different weapons. No one else was hurt.

    Slightly under 50% hit rate? Some people need more range time.


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