So, Wanting Socialism to Fail is No Longer a Conservative Value?

This is another thing that has been bugging us for a while. Well, not “bugging” as such as much as thinking “what on Earth happened to conservatives and what jars did they pickle their brains in?”

Another one of those moments when His Imperial Majesty realizes that the majority of mankind is really too intellectually bereft for their own good and it’s a bloody wonder that Higher Powers didn’t just wipe the slate clean earlier and decide to start over with a blueprint that might actually work.

We’re speaking, of course, of the sudden stampede of so-called “conservatives” away from Rush Limbaugh because he “dared” say that he hoped that the hardcore socialist Jugears al-Chicago’s socialist policies would fail. In doing so, those mental midgets immediately ceded victory to the loony left in their rewrite of Rush’s original comment to mean “I hope that everybody starves to death.”

That is as cowardly as it is imbecilic and counterproductive, but it is, sadly, what we’ve come to expect from the conservative “elite.”

All of a sudden it’s considered “below us”, “inhumane” and even borderline “treasonous” to hope that the policies of Josef Stalin will meet with utter, dismal failure.

If that’s the way that you self-proclaimed conservative “intellectuals” hope to fight a war of words and linguistics with a group of experts who’ve been spending four decades at least redefining words to fit their own agenda, then you’d do a whole lot better, for all of us, just staying at home knitting.

If your response to the enemy redefining, to take another example, “treason” to mean “patriotism” is to give up and agree, then you’re really nothing more than the baggage train that the rest of us on the front line have to divert resources to protect, with the marked difference from real baggage trains that there’s not much benefit in doing so since you’re only going to be spending your time ceding more and more ground to the enemy every chance you get.

Does “stand your ground” even mean anything to you lily-livered cowards anymore? I’m not accusing you of not knowing the true meaning of words, I know better than that, but you sure as Hell aren’t putting up much of a fight to defend it, are you?

If I were to criticize Rush for anything related to that remark of his, it would be to tell him that I’m not a big fan of redundancies. Hoping for socialism to fail is about as insightful and revolutionary as hoping for water to be wet or hoping that dropped objects will hit the ground rather than your face. But he was asked a question, and he answered it.

Truthfully and honestly, true to his conservative beliefs, which is worth something.

And it’s worth a whole heck of a lot more than the feckless behavior of you “conservatives” who gleefully and readily give up ground in order to not appear “uncivil.”

We suppose that, had you been Germans a scant 7 decades ago, you would have been up in arms about people criticizing the “relocation” of “undesirables” as well, hoping that said “undesirables” would kill their captors instead.


Not really. It’s a perfectly good analogy. Ask, if you like, any of the millions who disappeared into Soviet Gulags over the decades, if you can find any, because nobody wanted to be the ones to hope for the Soviet system to fail.

That would be rude and uncivil, after all.


  1. 1
    LC gahaze says:

    I want him to fail. I want his policies to fail. Abjectly, abysmally, pathetically, fail, fail, fail.
    Everything he is, everything he represents.

  2. 2
    Shiplord Kirel says:

    This might be as good a time as any to acquaint the LCs with a few points of my theory of media warfare.

    As media figures, conservative radio personalities like Rush Limbaugh are essentially a subversive force within what I choose to call the media-industrial complex. It is wrong to claim, however, that the Complex (the so-called “MSM”) is the propaganda arm of the left. It is really the other way around: the left as we know it today is the political arm of the media-industrial complex. Further evidence of this is the ease with which the media and the left accept Rush Limbaugh as the defacto leader of the opposition.
    To a lefty, it is all about conforming to their own media paradigm and they naturally assume that others will do likewise.

    I am not actually a big fan of Rush but he does a great job of instructing the public about the real meaning of conservatism, especially in economics.
    This drives media-libs right over the edge because they had largely succeeded in re-defining conservatism in such terms as opposition to gay marriage, warning labels on CDs, and other media demonized positions; only to have someone operating within their own system come along and pull the rug from under their trite little strawman.

  3. 3
    Sir Fresh Sign says:

    i am irate that during the election, some FLA reporter DARED to ask Biden if Jugears was a socialist… “I won’t even dignify that with an answer” or something like that he responded…

    so then jugears is elected, and Newsweek exclaims we are all socialists now.

    where was the press being honest about his far left plans when Biden was brushing off the reporter who deigned to question the annointed pair?

    oh, and i’ve been meaning to say this for a while, but i cannot bear to post much lately. DreckFlinger when you say you have a six figure tax burden, i just want to point out that you don’t get to count the numbers after the decimal. nice try.

  4. 4
    LadderLogic says:

    I really have a bad aftertaste regarding this whole story. I like David Frum and always enjoyed reading him at National Review. I like Rush and always listen his show when I can (unfortunately his daytime slot is not very convenient). Bothe being conservatives, they certainly don’t have to agree on everything.

    It still sucks to see two good people to clash like that.

  5. 5

    David Frum is a dickless, nadless sucker of cock.

    To call him a “pussy” would be a grievous, uncalled for and unfair insult to the fairer sex. To call him “intellectual” would be a slap in the face to anything with an IQ above arugula, the favorite vegetable of the socialist pimp he’s slurping the nutsack of these days.

    I don’t fight to look good. I fight to win, a quality that has sadly been bred out of the Frum family, possibly by them copulating with rabbits too much. And I apologize in advance to rabbits, but even the fwench are more brave that whatever slid down mama Frum’s thighs.

    And that’s all I have to say about that.

  6. 6
    dasbow says:

    Rush wasn’t being redundant by hoping Teh Messiah’s socialist policies failed. He knows that socialism is doomed to failure, which is why he wants Obummer to fail at getting them enacted.

  7. 7
    LC TerribleTroy, Imperial Centurion says:

    Im still a bit “blurry” on this …. Am I to understand that the Emporer doesnt care for this “Frum” critter?

  8. 8
    Shiplord Kirel says:

    “To call him a ‘pussy’ would be a grievous, uncalled for and unfair insult to the fairer sex.”

    Indeed, too general. If you were to call him “some old lefty feminist hag’s blown-out, dried-up, mummified pussy that I wouldn’t fuck with Joe Biden’s dick (assuming he has one),” that would probably be acceptable.

  9. 9
    Lc ORWN says:

    all these so called “conservative intellectuals” just wish they had 1/10 th the balls Rush has to actually stand up for what he believes in.

    They are just too worried about not being invited to all the fancy cocktail parties with all the “important” people

  10. 10

    I’ve heard Frum, Parker et al referred to by the MSM and others as “conservative elites”. Those two words are contra indicative. If some one is an “elite”, they by very definition are not a conservative, at least not the Goldwater/Reagan definition of conservative. If by “elite” they mean the “leadership” of the conservative movement, they had better come down from their ivory towers and take a good hard look at just who it is that the grunts in the trenches listen to, agree, and identify with. It sure as hell ain’t them. It’s the Limbaugh’s, Palin’s and Jindal’s who inspire true conservatives, not the silver spoon set who deign to talk down to us lowly peons and “educate” us about how to get along in DC.

    Fuck them and their cocktail club circuits. While they’re sipping their martinis in DC, I’ll be out in the swamp, drinking my beer, scratching my ass, and sharpening my tomahawk.

  11. 11

    Fuck them all. While not an ABSOLUTE “ditto-head”, I’m pretty fucking close. Rush says what we would if we had the avenue he does. GO RUSH! Oorah!
    And, yes. Where’s the various buttons we had for quotes, links, ad infinitum? That was some helpful shit. Dave, you’re not pissed at us are you? I can do SOME html, but not enough. Is this a training plan?

  12. 12

    Unfortunately, the conservative “elite” is incapable of recognizing that somethings are worth fighting for, and they are engaged with an opponent who defines ‘civility’ in terms of how nice we can be to them.

    Not only do I want jugears to fail on general principals, I find it perfectly moral and proper to want all of his efforts to completely change my county into an America that never was, and never should be to resoundingly fail. As in “NEVER AGAIN” fail.

  13. 13
    LC Wes, Imperial Mohel says:

    I have no problem with Rush Limbaugh saying he hopes Obama fails, because Rush apparently – as I do – believes that if Obama sucessfully implements his political agenda, America itself will fail, and be changed into something both unrecognizable and totally un-American. If the failure of Obama results in the survival of the Republic, then I’m all for it.

    My only quibble with Limbaugh’s comments is that I fear we’ll end up with the worst of both worlds: Obama will be an utter failure…and in the process will take America down in flames with him. If David Frum had to respond to Limbaugh, that’s the argument Frum should have made. Except Frum is too busy blaming the messenger in order to advance his own career as an Official Voice Of The Conservative Movement, to worry about developing anything like a coherent strategy for preventing the Democrats from unraveling the country.

    It’s past time for elitist, country-clubber Republicans like Frum to quit whining about the “insensitivity” of Limbaugh and the Republican base, and start figuring out how to keep Obama from trashing the country. And, if that fails, how to pick up the pieces afterwards and put America back together again.

    That’s actually something I’d like to see Limbaugh himself address, come to think of it.

  14. 14
    bloodyspartan says:

    Not to get off the track but have you seen where Worldnetdaily says that all the military brass is now scrapped.

    Also Atlas shrugged says Pilots are now forbidden to carry arms.

    Any truth, I am waiting for a Pilot friend to return to ask but hey if you folks know better.

  15. 15

    See your logic, Wes, but you’re missing the point of “Stop him before he succeeds, turn it around before it IS too late” implied. IMHO.

  16. 16
    LC Gunsniper says:

    The more jugears fails the better the chances for our Republic’s survival.

    For the record, Fuck Frum.

  17. 17
    readerjp says:

    The word “kolkhoz” comes to mind.

    Lose your property for growing food?
    Big Brother legislation could mean prosecution, fines up to $1 million

    Some small farms and organic food growers could be placed under direct supervision of the federal government under new legislation making its way through Congress.

    Food Safety Modernization Act

    House Resolution 875, or the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009, was introduced by Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., in February. DeLauro’s husband, Stanley Greenburg, works for Monsanto – the world’s leading producer of herbicides and genetically engineered seed.

    DeLauro’s act has 39 co-sponsors and was referred to the House Agriculture Committee on Feb. 4. It calls for the creation of a Food Safety Administration to allow the government to regulate food production at all levels – and even mandates property seizure, fines of up to $1 million per offense and criminal prosecution for producers, manufacturers and distributors who fail to comply with regulations.

    Federal regulators will be tasked with ensuring that food producers, processors and distributors – both large and small – prevent and minimize food safety hazards such as food-borne illnesses and contaminants such as bacteria, chemicals, natural toxins or manufactured toxicants, viruses, parasites, prions, physical hazards or other human pathogens.

    Under the legislation’s broad wording, slaughterhouses, seafood processing plants, establishments that process, store, hold or transport all categories of food products prior to delivery for retail sale, farms, ranches, orchards, vineyards, aquaculture facilities and confined animal-feeding operations would be subject to strict government regulation.

    Government inspectors would be required to visit and examine food production facilities, including small farms, to ensure compliance. They would review food safety records and conduct surveillance of animals, plants, products or the environment. [Now Gogol comes to mind]

    Farms and food producers would be forced to submit copies of all records to federal inspectors upon request to determine whether food is contaminated, to ensure they are in compliance with food safety laws and to maintain government tracking records. Refusal to register, permit inspector access or testing of food or equipment would be prohibited.

    [How many new inspectors would the gov’t have to hire for this? I would think lots, thus increasing government, thus increasing taxpayer load. It’s getting positively Orwellian.]

    “Every time we pass a rule or a law or a regulation to make the world a better place, it seems like what we do is subsidize production offshore,” he said. “We tell farmers they can no longer drive diesel tractors because they make bad smoke. Well, essentially what we’re doing is giving China a subsidy to grow our crops for us, or Mexico or anyone else.”

  18. 18
    Wreckerboy says:

    Hey crunchie, what type of hawk ? I got a nice one made by a Cherokee in OK, called Ninefingers, made from an old railroad spike. Bought it at “The Encampment” at Fort Massac. Where Clark picked up “Dewyer” Drulliard (scout, translator, hunter, Shawnee warrior), it’s a big time three day reenactment. The seller is a man called Cat Williams out of Texas. PO Box 5 Aquilla, TX 76622. Also has good older knives, and alot of other stuff. Got my hawk and a really old deer handled butcher knife, for $70. They don’t have a website just snail mail.

  19. 19
    ChefJeff says:

    When the “Messiah” tries to tie his shoes….I hope he fails

  20. 20
    LC Don_M says:

    David Frum is a dickless, nadless sucker of cock.

    Late to the party as usual, Sire. Still, I think you’ll enjoy this essay in yesterday’s American Spectator.

    Mr. Frum’s Cult

  21. 21
    Marinia says:

    The Dictator HAS failed. Miserably. He has failed the country as it stood for generations. There’s no hoping, it’s done. The scary part is how he is succeeding.

    The Constitution is deceased, a new Fascist Regime is in place flawlessly. The media enslaved to the Propoganda Minister. SA’s on track to supplant the military, and then BECOME the military. Total dependence on the grace of the Governmental Regime for housing, food, and clothing.

    For those with any religious bent, this guy qualifies for the 3rd and final Anti-Christ. Maybe that’s why they keep showing end times programming on the Hitler Channel.

  22. 22
  23. 23
    Eyas says:

    Ditto to your comment at #5. FUCK FRUM and his flaccid, pussified ilk. It’s not so amazing that he still maintains that he is a “conservative” (I could call myself Napoleon Bonaparte if I felt like it); but, it’s shocking and dismaying to see how many other so-called “conservatives” support this domestic Quisling and his bizarre defeatist agenda.


    I’ve noticed this too. But I think that they’re capitalizing on general malaise and hyping the Mayan 2012 prophecy. Speaking of which, according to the Maya, the world doesn’t end on Dec. 20, 2012 (and neither does their calendar); but instead, on or around that date will begin a cycle of destruction/apocalypse/generally bad times, all precipitated by the return/arrival of a Mayan war-god called Bolon Yokte Ku. Quite an interesting parallel with Revelation’s rider of the white horse (going forth conquering and to conquer). I’ll withold judgment on whether Obama is the Anti-Christ until the election of 2012 — as far as I’m concerned, his re-election would make him a pretty good candidate for the “Beast”.


    This horseshit propogandized, ginned-up outrage over AIG bonuses pisses me off. There are lots of ins and outs that people are talking about; but everyone seems to miss the point.

    The point is that no one at AIG, or at any of the bailed-out and vilified banks, did anything wrong. They did nothing illegal. They did nothing immoral. And they did nothing that was bad business from an individual firm’s point of view.

    People bitch about these “derivatives” and various other instruments, and “toxic assets” and all kinds of shit that blurs and conceals (intentionally) what these things really were. What is a “derivative”? What is it “DERIVED” from? The answer is that they were all “derived” from subprime mortgages. The mortgages that banks were FORCED, … I repeat, FORCED to make. Furthermore, these mortgages were GUARANTEED by the United States Government. I repeat … GUARANTEED by taxpayer money — from the instant the loans were made. From any bank’s perspective, they would not, indeed they COULD not refuse to make such mortgage loans, in part because they would be blacklisted, protested against, and ultimately SUED by the likes of our dear messiah if they refused to make such loans. More importantly, however, the GUARANTEE by the GOVERNMENT to buy these mortgages with taxpayer money if they should default, put the banks in a situation where there was NO RISK if the mortgagor defaulted. NO RISK in the case of default — ALL REWARD in the case that they actually paid the money back. NO RISK, ALL REWARD.

    If you were (or are) a business executive of any stripe, what do you do when presented with an opportunity which is NO RISK, and ALL REWARD?

    Well, if you answered, “I’d refuse to make the loan, cuz it’s a bad loan; and I know that this will all turn out badly, even tho nobody else does; and it’s bad business; and it’s wrong and evil to deal in all of these “shady” “derivatives”, even tho I don’t have a clue what a “derivative” is or what’s “shady” about them; and this is all the fault of the free-market; and capitalism has failed; and big business is evil; etc., etc.” then you’re an aging hippie with shit for brains.

    Otherwise, place the blame where it lies — with the Government.

    By the way, does anyone know if the Community Reinvestment Act — the primary cause of this global depression — has been repealed? Has anyone, democrat or republican, pushed to eliminate this evil socialist act?

  24. 24
    LC Woody says:

    “does anyone know if the Community Reinvestment Act — the primary cause of this global depression — has been repealed? Has anyone, democrat or republican, pushed to eliminate this evil socialist act?”

    You must be against AFFORDABLE HOUSING for WORKING PEOPLE, and your suggestion would disproportionately affect PEOPLE OF COLOR, so perhaps you suggested it because you’re a RACIST. Why would you want to deny African Americans their shot at THE AMERICAN DREAM?

    That is exactly why President Bush did not push harder to rein in this crisis. Democrats would have gone on GMA, The Today Show and every other program repeating that same line of attack again and again. Their allies in the press would assist by not challenging the assumption and giving lots of airtime to “the debate”.

    Of course, if the media in this country were unbiased and professional that would not succeed, but we all know better. I believe the biased news media is a big reason why things are so out of whack in this country.

  25. 25
    LC hilljohnny says:

    [“does anyone know if the Community Reinvestment Act — the primary cause of this global depression — has been repealed? Has anyone, democrat or republican, pushed to eliminate this evil socialist act?” ]

    no, amazingly someone thinks it wasn’t broad enough the first time around.


  26. 26
    LC Woody says:

    Good grief! The Dems don’t miss a step! Let’s make EVERY SINGLE WRONG MOVE m’kay?

    Meddle in the markets so nobody knows what’s up and cause investors sit on the sidelines? CHECK

    Raise taxes during a recession? CHECK

    “Fix” problem cause by too much spending and borrowing with more spending and borrowing? CHECK
    Propose $2,000,000,000.00 carbon tax on American businesses which will ship even MORE jobs to Mexico and China who haven’t been fooled by Al Gore’s “global warming” hoax? CHECK

    And it goes on and on…

  27. 27
    Eyas says:

    LC Hilljohnny,
    Re: the Dallas News article …. UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE! Thanks for the info, anyway.

    LC Woody,

    To tie your two posts together:
    A. You’re exactly right that none of what’s happening to this country right now would be possible without the malfeasance of the media.

    B. You’re also exactly right that Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Barney Frank, etc. are doing exactly the wrong thing to fix our economy. At every single opportunity.

    The thing is that this INTENTIONAL. The GOAL is to destroy the American economy. And then, to blame the destruction on the free market, and the “failure of capitalism”.

    And, because you were correct on point “A” in your first post — they WILL get away with this astounding lie, and the majority of the American People will buy it. Without even being told/directed what to say, the MSM will denigrate the free market system and blame all of our problems on evil “Big Business”, “Greed”, and “De-Regulation”. ALL LIES.

    They have learned Goebbels’ lesson well.

    What’s worse – and to get back ON-topic — this refrain will be repeated even by people like FRUM and other pseudo-conservative talking heads on the cable shows.

  28. 28
    Eyas says:

    Oh, I guess the missing conclusion to the above argument is that — after blaming capitalism, the free-market, GREED, and De-regulation for all of the problems in the world — the dismally uninformed and pathetically stupid American Populace will positively scream for the imposition of MORE Socialism and demand MORE government intervention/interference/control of the means of production in this country.

  29. 29

    Where in the Hell are things like “edit, reply, and quote” buttons? Where’d they go?

  30. 30
    Marinia says:

    I think the buttons were removed by the Left as an attempt to make us look stupid when they quote us as illiterate rebels in the news when the time comes.

  31. 31
    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    I think you are dead on target, Eyas. This has got to be deliberate….. I can only smile when the masses learn. “You mean we got to PAY for this shit?” No shit, Sherlock. Even steven, everybody has nothing except the politburo.
    Well, Marinia…..I pondered that too. In truth, though, I could care less what they think of me as long as they leave me be. At my age, with my views, I have less to lose, and no doubt I’m a better shot than most of them.

  32. 32
    LC Getalis, Imperial Czar of Pharmacology says:

    Marinia sez:

    For those with any religious bent, this guy qualifies for the 3rd and final Anti-Christ. Maybe that’s why they keep showing end times programming on the Hitler Channel.

    Nero is said to have been the first; refresh my memory- who was the second?

    Btw, you wouldn’t happen to be the same Marinia from teh 1337 Biseor forums perchance….?

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