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Another Fake Caught Lying

This fake Mexican being less Mexican than Lizzie “0.001%” Warren is American Indian:

Of course, in all fairness, the same could be said for Biff “Cruisin'” Kristol and any number of other “life long Republican” Cucklicans, so there’s that.

Speaking of Fauxcahontas, Slate is now all up in arms about the right’s “anger” at her for stepping on 1/1,024th of a rake:

Why the Elizabeth Warren DNA story has united the right in anger and mockery.

Sure, Slate. This is our “angry” face:

You’re dead on about the mockery, though.


Open Thread

This… is CNN

“Kanye West is what happens when negroes don’t read” and “token negro”?

Oh, and the usual Marxist/Prozi “he’s insane” talking point about dissidents. Mental hospitals in the old Soviet Union were filled to bursting with “insane” individuals whose “insanity” manifested itself mainly in not agreeing with the Nomenklatura of the USSR’s Communist Party.

Now, imagine if a FOX panel had said those same things about, say, Cory “Spartacus” Booker…

Yeah, nice to see the ProziCrats are returning more and more openly to their roots. It makes it easier to find said roots and burn them out with napalm.


Never Miss a Chance to Miss the Point

We have to admit, at first we had a hard time believing this headline:

Democrats Fear They’re the Wet Rag Party
Kavanaugh’s victory leaves many on the left saying it’s time to get mad—and even.

Doxxing Republicans and their families, hounding them from public spaces, shooting them during softball practice, hitting them over the heads with bike locks, beating them up and sending them to the ER, these past few weeks of howling, screeching, completely and utterly uncorroborated allegations from the clown gallery of serial liars and perjurers…

Yeah, the ProziCrats’ problem is that they’re “too civil”, all right. Time to get dirty, yo!

How, exactly? All-out thermonuclear war?

Al Franken is a long-time liberal warrior accused of predatory sexual behavior who is now licking his wounds in exile.

Brett Kavanaugh is a long-time conservative warrior accused of predatory sexual behavior who is now licking his wounds on the United States Supreme Court.

The discerning reader or, indeed, any reader possessing basic literacy and a memory that stretches further back than last night’s Jimmy Kimmel show, will note at least one glaring difference between the two: One had corroborating evidence, the other had nothing. But never mind, this is Politico, one of the ProziCrats’ many modern day iterations of Völkischer Beobachter, so nothing to see here.

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Let’s Listen To Some Music, Shall We?

I’ve shut down my social media.  I have shit-canned most of my ‘friends’ there.  I’ve restricted my news media time to fifteen minutes a day — and most of it local news.  I just can’t do it any more.  I hate the Left as much as I despise the Right.  If I were given a

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Nice Kids You Have There. Shame if Something Bad Were to Happen to Them, No?

More from the “tolerant” Prozi Left: A Democratic congressional aide accused of publishing the private information of at least three Republican lawmakers allegedly threatened to leak senators’ children’s health information if a witness told anyone about his activities. Jackson Cosko, who recently worked for Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, was arrested for allegedly posting the

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When You’ve Pissed off Lindsay Lohan, er, Graham, You’re Pretty Much Toast

Haven’t had much time for anything other than the briefest of readings of summaries lately, plus a few late night sojourns on YouTube and such to catch up, but from what we can see, the world’s getting ever more insane by the minute. Not much of it surprising. The ProziCrats coming up with last minute

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Senate To Be Replaced With Room Full Of Monkeys Throwing Feces

FROM The Babylon Bee WASHINGTON, D.C.—In an emergency, overnight referendum, the American people voted on Thursday to replace the United States Senate with a room full of monkeys throwing feces. The measure passed with 57% of the vote. 22% of voters thought the Senate should be replaced by barking seals, while 17% voted that the replacement

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Comment Test is Over.

The comment test is now over.   I ran it for a couple of days and it seemed to work out fine.  At the end of the day, it is not MY decision, it is Misha’s — and yours. I am just the guy who drops in from time-to-time to see if this is up and

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