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SorryI’vebeenabsentlately, beenworkingongettingmy spacebarfixed.Nolucksofar.

ButasabelatedChristmaspresent toalltheRottiesandapartingsho tforthenewyear,Ileaveyou withthis.

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And this one. A bit late, perhaps, but never too late:

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…and now the obligatory year-end sad Glyukoza song:

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The Goregoyles of East Anglia have got to be shitting their bloomers as the hits just keep on coming and their Great Goreacle’s Green Garbage Scow™, HMS BullShit-One, rides lower and lower in the water and lists farther and farther to port, allowing the freezing water and ice to lap at the gunwales.

The sub-zero temperatures have frozen the sea at Poole Harbour in Sandbanks, Dorset, with ice reaching 20 yards from the shoreline.

Southern England, normally immune to the worst of the weather, was gripped by conditions colder than parts of Iceland and Greenland overnight as temperatures fell close to -12 Celsius (10.4 Farenheit)

Yup. It’s definitely heating up. If this “unprecedented warming” keeps up, Polar bears are going to be able to drown on the banks of the River Thames.

Heating bill pay-outs to pensioners and the vulnerable have now topped £100 million as the Government stepped in to help.

Can’t they just open up their windows, take off a few clothes and turn on their solar-powered fans to fend off this “unprecedented warming”? Just askin’… Better yet, perhaps they could just burn this £33 million turd (US $52.4 million) to stave off “Algore’s Earth Fever™”? After all, it’s proven that it’d be much more useful as a fuel source than it has been at predicting the weather.


(A great big hat tip goes out to WUWT for the first two hilarious links.)

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It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it

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I know that I am a wordy bastard. And after I tried to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and all Hell broke loose [much to my surprise, I was actually NOT trying to stir shit for a change] I thought I would back off for a while.

But there are things that should be noted. His Majesty mentioned that bombing attempt on Christmas Day, and alluded to the incompetence of the regime, both in notifying in Buraq and the aftermath when Napolitano claimed that the fact that all the bureaucratic t’s were crossed and i’s dotted after the detonator failed proved that “the system” for dealing with terrorism was “working smoothly”.

But there was what gives every appearance of another attempt yesterday. Same flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, another Nigerian, and this time things are quiet, too quiet. Other than His Majesty, there has been no mention of either bombing attempt on the Rott.

Being a wordy bastard, I have been discussing it elsewhere, and there have been multiple threads over at BELMONT CLUB where I weighed in. The latest was dissecting the excuse being offered by Leftists that the reason that Buraq has not deigned to publicly react or respond to the bombing attempt is because to do so would lend dignity and weight to those conducting the attempted bombing. And that for Buraq to deny them that affirmation and dignity is the most damaging response possible.

I have heard of similar reasoning by Emperors in Chinese history. And in every case, it was just before the dynasty was overthrown, usually by barbarians.

In any case, here in slightly modified form, are some of my ponderings on the sudden silence after the second apparent bombing attempt.

Looking for “dogs not barking”. It is the old investigating technique of finding anomalies in conduct and trying to determine the “why?” behind them.

Look at the Christmas bombing attempt. Within a hour, we had more information than the president had [since they did not bother to disturb his golf game until 3 hours after it happened.]. We had a name. We had a rough outline of the incident, including that passengers defended themselves and the country [although the hero is a Dutchman who our media promptly named and pictured for the benefit of Jihadi's in the Netherlands]. We had eyewitness accounts. We had eyewitness reports [of unauthenticated credibility, but we were getting information] of anomalies in behavior and lapses in security procedure in the Netherlands that may have included the arrest of an accomplice. We had passengers talking to the news media. We knew shortly afterwards that the would-be bomber was on a list of terrorist affiliated persons. That he had bought his one way ticket with cash at the last minute [that is one of the major flags that should get you turned inside out by security personnel] and did not have any luggage for a multi-continental trip [that is another major flag calling for turning the suspect into a Klein Bottle under the rules we are playing by]. We soon knew that he openly claimed Al Quada affiliation, training in Yemen and acquisition of the device there. And that he claimed that there were multiple others en route using the same method.

We also knew the next day that the Chef d’Cuisine for this airborne serving of Hangtown Fries had secreted himself in the plane’s head for a prolonged period and apparently had …. extracted … at least part of the hypergolic mixture from waterproofed packaging that was, as we said in the business, “keistered” for transport.

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…and, once again, sorry for having been away from the window for so long. I’m still alive, though. In between working my fingers to a nub to pay the bills that keep growing faster than any amount of cash infusions seem to be able to keep up with.

Just about ready to shut everything down, find a nice cave to live in and declare myself a hermit. Bill collectors oughtn’t be able to find me there.

But enough blah.

It’s been an interesting Christmas, hasn’t it? First we get the “gift” of the Senate passing a bill wasting another $2.5 trillion (low ball estimate, and why don’t we take it with zeroes on?: $2,500,000,000,000) and forcing every living soul in this country to subscribe to death panel supervised “care” or else go to jail. A tax on being alive. How sweet. All passed courtesy of Ben Nelson (D-Whorehouse) who suddenly decided that his “deeply held principled opposition to funding abortions” were less deeply held than his belief in taking a fat bribe while letting his constituents take it up the poop chute.

That parasite gives two bit harbor whores a bad name. At least they perform a service in return for their money.

And then the sheer awesomeness of the Age of Obongo where passengers, once again, are forced to save their own lives because Janet Napolitano and the Dept. of Homeland Insecurity can’t be arsed to put terrorists with known ties to other terrorists on a “no fly list.” She and the Southern Poverty Law Center are too busy classifying everybody who has ever disagreed with socialism and/or taken the Oath of Allegiance and meant it a “terrorist.” Oh, sorry. They’re not “terrorists.” They’re “causers of man-made disasters.” Unless they’re not mooselimbs.

Ogabe, the Savior of Mankind, couldn’t be arsed for comment since he was tied up playing golf in Hawaii. At least he wasn’t reading “my pet goat”, because that would have been just plain… Irresponsible. Not to mention lewd. We all know how his kind reacts to nubile goats, don’t we?

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Unless you happen to be an unsuspecting goat with an inviting rear end, that is.

What else? Oh yes, the unveiling of the Ogabes’ Christmas (or should that be “Holiday”) Tree at the White House, complete with Chairman Mao ornaments. We must celebrate commie mass murderers. Oh, and one with a transvestite and another with Ogabe’s simian mug superimposed over Mt. Rushmore.

We don’t know if it qualifies him, but his ego surely is bigger than Mt. Rushmore.

Would that his intellect or qualifications were bigger than a paramecium.

It amazes His Imperial Majesty. We always used to think that Caligula’s making his horse Senator and getting away with it was the most perfect example of just how idiotically complacent so-called free people are, but then the people of this once free and proud nation decided to outdo him by naming the horse’s arse President.

But hey, we’ll have a tea party, write a bunch of petitions and then we’ll just go back to taking it up the Khyber Pass.

After all, what can we possibly do more than that?

Our forefathers at Lexington and Concord might have a few suggestions, but who gives a fuck about them anymore?

Sorry. I’m tired, poor and increasingly resigned to the victorious march of idiocy. Idiots outnumber us, and as long as we let their say have the same weight as ours, we’re fighting a losing battle.

There’s strength in numbers.

There is also mindnumbing stupidity in it.

But our kids and grandkids will surely forgive us, right? After all, we only did what was right and proper.




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First, the obligatory funny picture…

Funny, huh?

Here it is, the day after Christmas, (or Boxing Day for those of you in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, Greenland, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macau, Nigeria and countries in the Commonwealth of Nations with a mainly Christian population.  South Africa has to be different by calling it the Day of Goodwill.

For a lot of people, this is the week we get to decide what our New Year’s resolutions are going to be.

I’ve managed to keep mine for each of the past five years — of course they’ve tended to be fairly easy ones (and Jan is a brutal tyrant when it comes to forcing me to keep them)

This coming year might prove to be a tough one.

It came to me a yesterday, as I was reading through some of the comments here.  Actually it solidified at that point — it has been something I have been leaning towards for almost a year now.

I am tired of arguing politics.  I am tired of defending the indefensible.  I am tired of being right and I am tired of being wrong.  Or both at the same time.

I personally like most of the people here that I’ve known over the years — even if we don’t often see eye-to-eye here on a narrow band of topics.  A VERY narrow band of topics when compared to everything else in the world.  I have spent the past seven years or so playing the part of the foil here — the bouncing board, the face of the opposing argument.

It hasn’t been without a certain toll on my part.

My New Year’s Resolution is as such:

I resolve to refrain from political comments, political discussions, and arguments here and on other websites.

I will still make sure things run here, I will chat in the instant chat, I will even exchange emails — as long as they don’t contain political/religious or other topics that lend to being argumentative.

So there you have it, MY resolution.  Does anyone else have a New Year’s Resolution they’d like to share here?

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On this day when we celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace, from far afield…may God bless and keep each and every one of you.

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Since we are doing open threads, I figure it is safe to come in with something personal. Those who know me, know that I am not a Christian of any of the varied flavors. That does not mean that I have any animus towards Christians, by any means. I am instead grateful. My personal lack of faith does in no way invalidate, or even impact the faith of others. It speaks more to my failings than to anything else.

I mentioned gratitude. It is well that I should. Look at the various systems of thought that people try to use to guide their lives. Islam, the very word means absolute submission. And the goal all their existence is to be a worthy slave of Allah. Buddhism and Hinduism are focused not on life, but on release from the cycle of birth and death. Taoism is tuned to arcane mysticism. And Confucianism is less a religion than a way to get a lot of people crowded together in a small space to live together without killing each other. All of the varied forms of coercive Collectivism; be they Marxist, Fascist, or modern Democrat are based on the subordination of the individual to the Collective, and a belief that a human being can be perfected by forced submission to the will of specially self-selected, yet still themselves imperfect humans.

The only widespread faith that gives the individual standing, even before G-d, is the Judeo-Christian ethos. From the Covenant with Abraham, to the death and Resurrection of Jesus, it is the standing and free will of the individual soul before even G-d himself that is the source in our culture of the belief in the worth of the individual over the that of the State, over the will of Tyrants. It is that belief that makes us free men and women.

So, on this eve of the celebration of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth; I pray that you let this humble soul, pagan according to your belief, offer thanks for the freedom that comes from your faith, and a wish that you and yours are gathered in joy, health, and safety this Christmas. And that through the trials to come and after, we will continue to be able to so gather.

LC Subotai Bahadur, Lord Pao An

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