Short should get back on the Short Bus

Clare Short accuses Bush of undermining the UN relief efforts.

United States President George Bush was tonight accused of trying to undermine the United Nations by setting up a rival coalition to coordinate relief following the Asian tsunami disaster.

It’s not a rival coalition, it’s an option to use what works instead of waiting on an army of headless chickens to arrive from Belgium.

The president has announced that the US, Japan, India and Australia would coordinate the world?s response.

Since all four have navies and resources in proximity, that would make sense.

But former International Development Secretary Clare Short said that role should be left to the UN.

The reason she’s a former International Development Secretary is because she’s a nutcase backstabbing windbag whose heart is said to hemorrhage rather than just bleed and ooze.

?I think this initiative from America to set up four countries claiming to coordinate sounds like yet another attempt to undermine the UN when it is the best system we have got and the one that needs building up,? she said.

If you’re starving to death on an island, do you want to see a helicopter from a functioning navy or wait till diplomats manage to build up the UN?

?Only really the UN can do that job,? she told BBC Radio Four?s PM programme.

And what is the UN’s experience in dealing with disasters, other than making sure the disaster area still looks like a disaster area a decade later? On the other hand, Florida routinely gets flattened by hurricanes without interrupting the flow of tourists for more than two weeks. Which group would you want in charge of recovery?

?It is the only body that has the moral authority. But it can only do it well if it is backed up by the authority of the great powers.?

Once again, would you rather wait three weeks for an explanation of why diplomatic obstacles by people with “moral authority” keep you from a can of beans, or would you rather opt for some food?

Ms Short said the coalition countries did not have good records on responding to international disasters.

Oh, is that why Japan and the US don’t need outside help responding to typhoons, earthquakes, volcanoes, and hurricanes? Is that why the US flies in C-130’s full of experts and supplies to where ever the earth shifts?

She said the US was ?very bad at coordinating with anyone? and India had its own problems to deal with.

This from a woman who’s made a career out of stabbing people in the back, resigning her front bench seat in Parliament three times, making claims the British government was spying on Kofi Annan (surely just to keep him from stealing the Crown Jewels), and demanding Tony Blair’s resignation every time there’s a full moon. She even vowed to bring him down, which didn’t help her political career any, such as it was. But then, she just can’t be satisfied, saying “”Most of us women like men, you know; it’s just that we find them a constant disappointment.”

?I don?t know what that is about but it sounds very much, I am afraid, like the US trying to have a separate operation and not work with the rest of the world through the UN system,? she added.

Probably because we want to help the disaster victims, not pilfer their pockets in some Food for Toil scheme set up for Kojo Annan. Meanwhile, our C-130’s are already on the ground, navies are steaming in, while in other news

With the death toll rising above 117,000, European governments were taking soundings on holding an international donors conference Jan. 7. Boucher said, “The United States will participate at a senior level in whatever donor’s conference is held.”

They’re talking about, or rather “taking soundings”, on holding a conference about this disaster sometime around two-weeks after it’s hit, at least if everyone can agree where to meet and manage to keep their calendars free?

The first rule of disaster relief is to not put it under the control of the largest, most unwieldy, incompetant, corrupt, and slow organization imaginable. Maybe the quake will be on the real UN agenda sometime after they finally decide what to do in Darfur, but for now they’re just grabbing face time on camera to take cheap pot shots.


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    slayer growls and barks:

    I wonder if it ever occurs to idiots like ms short that maybe we would like our money to get to the people who need it rather that give to worthless thieving carbon blobs like koffing anus and the un?

  4. 4
    L;C Brendan growls and barks:

    Ms Short said the coalition countries did not have good records on responding to international disasters

    Australia has one of the BEST records in disaster relief,seeing as we have coped with massive disasters in the past.Darwin.Floods.Fires.Quakes.Hurricanes.Cyclones.

    From the people of Australia to the UN


    Go fuck yourselves.


  5. 5
    slayer growls and barks:

    You know, I read sir georges response and I hate to admit it but he said something I never considered before. It never ocurred to me just how quickly things started to get back to normal in florida. I mean they still have problems I’m sure but for the most part,less than a month after the last hurricane they were getting back to normal. I don’t remember the un offering any aid to the US though.

  6. 6
    LC Bishop, Imperial Titweasel growls and barks:

    Um, Brendan, she support the UN as the paragon of moral virtue. Don’t expect to convince her with actual facts…

  7. 7
    George Turner growls and barks:

    You know, each time the UN sets up a refugee camp they should put in a time-capsule so the future residents, off in the next century, can see what the conditions were like for the first arrivals.

    “Ooooo… The boxes looked new back then!”

  8. 8
    Barney Gumble growls and barks:

    I’se a douchebag loser! I’se Spatula’s bitchboy!!!

  9. 9
    LC Brian B, WotAP growls and barks:

    Spats! You too? I thought I was the only one here!

  10. 10
    Barney Gumble growls and barks:

    I blow dead horses & ride ’em hard. (If you know what I mean.) The rigor mortis keeps ’em stiff longer.

  11. 11
    useless growls and barks:

    Ya know, maybe my BS detector needs new batteries, but if Barney is trying to be either funny or ironic, it’s going way over my head. If he’s just being some syphillitic, undermedicated, Nazi wanna be, he sucks.

  12. 12
    LC Brendan growls and barks:

    Well, Barney does come from a long line….one that his mother obviously listened to.

    I’d offer brain surgery, but Aussie doctors can’t operate effectively on something that small.

    Got to feel sorry for poor Barney, when he was born they slapped his mother and his father.

  13. 13
    LC Denita TwoDragons, G.L.O.R. growls and barks:

    Useless–he’s neither funny nor trying to be. He’s yet another of the standard-issue trolls around here, desperate for attention and completely lacking in taste or class. He’s also a netkkkop who has tried to get people fired from their jobs or had their children or spouses taken away from them. Apparently he’s already forgotten he’s idiotariana non grata around here and will be booted back out of the Imperial Presences with all due haste.

    Enjoy thrashing him while you can, before The Management™ picks him up by his fleabitten scruff and throws him back into the garbage pit where he belongs.


  14. 14
    fdcol63 growls and barks:

    We need to continue to marginalize the UN and people like Clare Short until even THEY have to accept that they are meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

  15. 15
    Useless growls and barks:

    Dear Management

    I am officially offended by the unkind language of the bloger Barney Gumble. I respectively request that any issuances from his IP/Mouth/Keyboard/ASS be forthwith and hereby removed from public sight.

    Your attention in this matter is greatly appreciated.

    [We’re on it, sir.&#160 Unfortuately, Bumblefuck/88 is constantly changing his IP address by either posting from a different public library each time (well, at least we know where he tries to pick up his homeless tricks), or by IP-spoofing software.

    Patience, sir.&#160 He’s been targeted. (evil, malevolent grin)&#160 -The Management&#153]

  16. 16
    MAJ Mike growls and barks:

    Nothing worthwhile is accomplished in this world without U.S. leadership.

    Opinion to the contrary is nothing but wishful thinking of the worst kind.

    In the meantime, continue to collect weapons and ammunition in military calibers.

  17. 17
    B.C., Imperial Torturer? growls and barks:

    Useless, we get around to Blarney NoNuts when we can. With the wages (Wages?! What wages?) the stingy bastard The Emperor (May He Reign For Millenia!) pays around the Imperial Palace, it’s tough getting enough help on-board to constantly monitor the comments for MoonBat droppings.

  18. 18
    George Turner growls and barks:

    The AP reports India is still refusing outside aid, even as people go hungry.

  19. 19
    LC Brian B, WotAP growls and barks:


    I’m torn regarding my response to that news. If they really do have the rersources they need between their own government and private donations, fine, All the more resources for other places hit by the tragedy. And after what I said on my blog, I’d feel hypocritical if I complained just because they refused our help. They’re refusing aid from ANY foreign government according to the story. If their people suffer because of this decision, that’s something to be angry about, but if they can handle it, more power to ’em.

  20. 20
    Van Helsing growls and barks:

    The tsunami was the U.N.’s chance to prove they are not totally useless. You would think that in a situation like this, they could set aside their bogus politics and do something constructive. Instead they ankle-bite the U.S., and decide that later they’ll have a conference to discuss doing something about the urgent problem that the U.S. and its allies are already addressing. The U.N. has shown once again that it serves absolutely no constructive purpose, and needs to follow the League of Nations into the Dustbin of History immediately.

  21. 21
    LC Brendan growls and barks:


    UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan said yesterday he was “satisfied” with the response of world governments to the quake-tsunami disaster after a UN relief official earlier called Western nations “stingy” in helping developing countries.

    Annan told reporters that so far, governments have pledged $US500 million ($647 million) in aid to disaster victims.

    “Let me say that in this particular instance the response has been very good,” Annan said in response to a question about the earlier criticisms by UN Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Jan Egeland on Monday.

    “Governments have donated and they have indicated to me that they will do more,” Annan said. “I am satisfied with the response so far. The only thing I want to stress is that we are in this for the long term.”

    Who is “we”? I don’t see “you” doing a goddamned thing apart from “calling a meeting” which will do jack shit for the people who are dying from lack of food and water

    Who the fuck asked you for your opinion, you useless piece of garbage???

  22. 22
    LC mrs heather, G.L.O.R. growls and barks:

    I thought that too, Brendan.

    WTF moral authority does the Koughing Anus think he has?

    Dang, I hate the Useless No-nuts.

  23. 23
    LC Mamapajamas growls and barks:

    LC Brendan: “Australia has one of the BEST records in disaster relief,seeing as we have coped with massive disasters in the past.Darwin.Floods.Fires.Quakes.Hurricanes.Cyclones.”

    Right you are. If my memory from a few days ago is correct, it seems to me that Australia was the first country to have help with feet on the ground in the stricken areas.

    The UN is the most pitiful excuse for an international organization I’ve ever heard of :(.

  24. 24
    George Turner growls and barks:

    Australia may have been quick, but an elephant was quicker.

    A British tourist says she saw an elephant save several children on a Thai beach when the killer waves struck.

    Gooooo Republicans!!! On the other hand, a python saved three people, so the French liberals were helping out too.

  25. 25
    Nomorelies growls and barks:

    Dear Ms. Short,

    This is a REAL TRAGEDY. The survivors cannot wait for the U.N. to discuss it for 18 months while donated money gets pilfered at Turtle Bay. President Bush is just doing the good cowboy thang. Gather up the money, form a posse and go take care of business without the meddling of the god dam*** idiots at the U.S. Yee haw!

  26. 26
    night heron growls and barks:

    I wonder if its ever soaked into her cement headedness that we dont want a damn global tax to pay for the UNs dirty projects and we dont want the UN anymore time for them to begone

  27. 27
    watermaster growls and barks:

    Dear ms. Short,

    Please keep at it! Every one of us was beginning to wonder if “U”(N) were/are in fact irrelevant. The tiring and ceaseless parade of every last one of you unattractive waterbags seems bent on proving U.S. RIGHT!

  28. 28
    Fangbeer growls and barks:

    Every day I hear another moonbat bark is another day I long to ship these people to a place that they can be happy. I think I have a solution to both of our problems.

    I hear your howls Clare and let it be known that as a compassionate conservative I want, no, I long for you to be happy as well. As such, I have a proposition for you. How would you, along with a broad coalition of the morally enabled, the great social powers, and the French, like to have your very own continent? There in your own social utopia you can cooperate with everyone who agrees with you on exactly how horrible everything that the capitalist pigs in America say and do. With your own continent you’d be free to set up a secular system of government that ensures the protection of all religious moral values, political opinions, and sexual preferences (as long as they are all okay’d by your benevolently supreme high exalted sunshine leader, of course) While you’re there, we’d be happy to crank up the Global Warming Machine ? a notch or two through July while the 24 hours of darkness puts a damper on your solar power plants. We promise.

  29. 29
    kschlenker growls and barks:

    Oh please Fangbeer,
    Don’t inflict those losers on poor, poor Antartica! The penguins would never, ever forgive us! And there just isn’t anything as pathetic as seeing someone in a tux cry…

  30. 30
    L. Barnes growls and barks:

    Boy, am I ever stooopid. I saw this Short thing somewhere else, quickly sampled parts of it and thought, “Hey, clever parody.” Only much later did I realize….

    When things get to the point that an organization can no longer be lampooned (meaning, when whatever it does is unintentional self-parody), it is time to start over from scratch. We begin by discarding the mess.

    …Ah, er…we ARE sure it’s not a joke, right??

  31. 31
    cirby growls and barks:


    After the hurricanes in Florida, most theme parks were open the next *day*, and none of them closed for more than two.

    It took eight days for me to get power back after Charley, but people were in line for Space Mountain before I ran out of ice.

    You can still find cans of water from Budweiser (they switch over during natural disasters). The bars call those cans “Bud Ultra Light.”

    Meanwhile, the US Navy has seven water purification ships on the way to the Indian Ocean, each of which can purify 90,000 gallons of H2O per day, and the big delay for air shipments of aid supplies is in finding airstrips that can handle C-5s and C-17s.

    Oh – and we’ve delivered something like a half-million MREs, already.

  32. 32
    Elephant Man growls and barks:

    The U.N. is pissed off because they can’t skim the relief funds for supposed “expenses”.

    Relief funds are one of the major cashcows that the corrupt U.N. scumbags use to line their pockets.

    Looks like Bush lassoed that bovine, branded it with a big american flag and parked it at his ranch.

    The best part is that monetary milk flowing to the tsunami victims from that cash-cow will be like a firehose going full blast when compared to the dribble oozing from the U.N.

  33. 33
    Pedro the Ignorant growls and barks:

    UN- Dustbin of History.

    New Year’s Resolution.

    Well said. sir.

  34. 34
    Walter E. Wallis growls and barks:

    I wonder why the MSM even bothers to carry shit like this. Some editor thought that what she said was worthy of publication. Why?

  35. 35
    Bunker Buster growls and barks:

    Because the *spit* MSM *spit* won’t miss any opportunity to bad-mouth the United States, no matter how stupid the criticism (or the critic) is. For example, I turn your attention to the recent NYT editorial that parroted the Norwegian Numnuts’ (I should trademark that) proclamation that the US is “stingy.” Let’s face it, the AP and New York Times might as well sell a controlling interest to the United Nations, and make it official.

  36. 36
    LC Azygos growls and barks:

    While the UN moral midgets argue the shape and height of the table they should gather around the US, Australia, Japan and other countries actually try to help the poor victims of this disaster. I know if I was caught up in this thing I?d much rather see one of those countrie?s flags on the side of the truck than the UN flag.

    How long do you think it will be before the UN kicks the victims out of the schools they are living in so the UN can set up a secure headquarters?

  37. 37
    LC Revandryn, G.L.O.R. growls and barks:

    Quite frankly, I think the question is: who’s the front for whom here? Is it the Useless Nitwits fronting for the MSM, or is it the MSM fronting for the UN?

    Whichever it is, wouldn’t the R.I.C.O. act apply?

    Just wondering’s all

  38. 38
    Patriotduck growls and barks:

    “With the death toll rising above 117,000, European governments were taking soundings on holding an international donors conference Jan. 7. Boucher said, “The United States will participate at a senior level in whatever donor’s conference is held.”So you have to BUY your way into the conference to help people? BTW, did I see the words “Moral Authority” and “the UN” in the same sentance?

  39. 39
    LC Linda, GLOR growls and barks:

    I predict that as time passes, we will see even more marginalization of the UN, as other nations work to bypass the corruption and ineffectiveness that is the hallmark of that particular (criminal?) organization.

    Personally, I can’t wait to see the UN pass into the annals of history with the annotation, “a noble idea that failed in practical application.”

  40. 40
    useless growls and barks:

    Dear Managment.

    Thank you for your prompt response and concern for the quality of Moonbat postings that have poluted my cherished internet experiance. I appriciate that your staff at the Rotwiler are underpaid and under appriciated, and I grieve for your eyes at having to read and make an attempt at comprehending the bloody insanity that these people spew. You are brave, brave people.

    Thank you for your brave sacrafices.

  41. 41
    B.C., Imperial Torturer? growls and barks:

    Personally, I can’t wait to see the UN pass into the annals of history with the annotation, “a noble idea that failed in practical application.”

    I can’t wait for ’em to pass through the anals of history. 😛

  42. 42
    LC Bishop, Imperial Titweasel growls and barks:

    I can’t wait for ’em to pass through the anals of history.

    If that does happen, I hope they’ll give us a courtesy flush.

  43. 43
    Hamster Food growls and barks:

    I’m sorry, but the U.N. has become a joke. They’re corrupt, and you can’t take anything seriously that they say. They don’t do anything useful except act like a bunch of assholes. And I’m glad that the U.S. has basically stuck out its middle finger in front of those idiots.

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