Articles from September 2004

Kerry Lies Again?

Well, I missed the debate due to work, but I feel compelled to ask if John Kerry was really at Treblinka Square as he claims, especially since there is no such place. Treblinka was a concentration camp run by the Nazis, not the KGB headquarters. His story should be treated with all the acceptance of

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And Another Huge Thank You

To the wonderful LC Emily who sent me the special edition of “Master and Commander” as a gift. Rest assured that it’ll be watched, watched and watched again, always with you in mind. Thank you.

Another Hysterical Email From MorOn.Org

Once again, our day is brightened by the increasingly hysterical emails that we receive on a regular basis, having signed up for the “” mailing list. Dear MoveOn Member, That would, among others, be His Imperial Snarkiness… Mheh… We strongly urge you to watch the debate tonight between John Kerry and George Bush. Trust us,

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Words Of Wisdom From A True Ally

Thanks to Salome (an avid fan of the Rott?) we’ve been alerted to an incredible speech that was delivered by Jose Maria Aznar, the man who was in charge of Spain before the Shivering Socialist Shitstains were voted into power by the gutless masses who caved into the Malodorous Mooselimb Muttfuckers in Madrid. It’s a

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These Are The “Open-minded” & “Peace-loving” People The Left Loves

Break out the duct tape and clear the room of any non-secured, throwable items before clicking on this link, provided by the wonderful people at MEMRI. Two of the questions asked were: ‘Would You, as a Human Being, be Willing to Shake Hands with a Jew?’ ‘If a Child Asks You Who ‘Who are the

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What’s That We Smell? Oh, It’s Just Canuckstani Socialists Shitting Themselves

With dirt under their nails and fingers poised to push the “No Food For You, Jacques!” button, our Hillbilly Northern Neighbors? are telling the Socialist Succubi in government to “Fuck Off, Hoser!” The scourge of officious little government bureaucrats all across the land has arrived. It’s called the Rural Revolution. And it’s not going away

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Fun With Google?

In the “That’s Some Funny Shit!” category this week, we bring you this honest-to-goodness link that appeared when we Googled “Michael Moore“. BWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You couldn’t make up shit that funny.

Two *spit* French *spit* Journalists=24 Million Iraqis’ Chance At Freedom

As a follow-up to this story, posted by Sir George, we’ve come upon what may very well be the reason for the Yellow-backed Fuckweasels’ demand that the insurgents terrorists in Iraq be given a seat at the table for “negotiations” on the future of democracy in the Middle East. CAIRO, Egypt (AP) – A man

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Gaddafi to Run EU Immigration Camps

You might recall the ongoing case of some Bulgarian nurses who face execution by firing squad in Libya, having confessed under torture to something scientifically obtuse in a scene reminiscent of “The Crucible”. If you are unfamiliar with the story please give it a quick check, because the European response to the Libyan witch-hunt has

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French Demand Seat for Al-Zarqawi?

If you thought the French couldn’t top their dazzling performance as bought-out stooges for Saddam, in addition to becoming the holy homeland of the yellow striped Euorpean appeasement weasel, then think again, because they’re going for the IslamoNazi terrorphile trifecta in their response to Powell’s suggestion of an Iraq conference. France Monday, September 27, swiftly

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