Articles from August 2004

A Dozen More to Avenge

Is Islamic “freedom fighters” (aka child-murdering barbarian Satan spawn who are primitive, backwards, violent, and stupid even by 7th century standards) have murdered twelve Nepalese hostages. A Nepalese diplomat confirmed the deaths hours after images were put on a website, apparently showing one man being beheaded and 11 being shot dead. Nepal’s ambassador to Qatar,

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Again. Sigh…

A Kennedy is once again in trouble for not keeping it zipped. I’d blog it, but it doesn’t count as news anymore.

France Shocked – SHOCKED!

This BBC article is just too rich to skip. Press outraged by French hostage threat Monday’s French press reflects national feelings of shock and defiance as the country rallies behind the two French journalists facing a death threat from the Islamist group holding them captive in Iraq. “Monstrous!” is the stark caption to the editorial

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Bonds of War

John Kerry has based his campaign on two things, imagined heroism in Viet Nam and purported skill at building alliances. It’s all too plain that his heroism was mostly in his head, and so far his false claims leave him facing a maximum of five years in prison for displaying and publicly using a knowingly

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Boob Disposal Needed

Manufactured by the millions during the Cold War; Dishonorable weapons whose usefulness is over; They remain scattered across the surface of the earth; Ready to go off at the slightest touch; Still in service of empires long fallen; Planted and programmed by militaries For a conflict fought decades ago. Sewn in clusters, fields, and lines;

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Tim Robbins Buffoonery

The UK Guardian has a brutally scathing article on Tim Robbins, barking Hollywood moonbat. Juggling act He’s a writer, he’s a director, he’s an Oscar-winning actor with an Oscar-winning wife. He’s also Hollywood’s most vociferous anti-war campaigner – a constant thorn in the side of the American Neocons. And now he’s bringing his own political

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Dumbest Opening Paragraph Ever

This TIME Magazine article redefines the dregs of incoherent journalism. The Verdict on Abu Ghraib Pressure mounts on Rumsfeld A report released last week places a share of the responsibility for the mistreatment of inmates at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison on the shoulders of U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Though the report didn’t single

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Stolen Honor

This is going to be tremendous. Stolen Honor, a documentary exposing John Kerry. Instead of thrice cut sound bites and half-baked comments spliced together by the likes of Michael Moore, this documentary features generals and POWs talking calmly and powerfully about honor, dignity, and other subjects the spewing sycophants can’t address. Before I continue with

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NY Times Polls 9-11 Families on GOP Convention

The AP had an article on a strange survey from the NY Times. Survey: 9-11 Families Do Not Want Convention in New York NEW YORK (AP) – Nearly half of the relatives of victims who died in the World Trade Center attack say the Republican National Convention should have been held elsewhere, and about a

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Fake Decorations

Aside from the risk of going down into the history books as the most deeply flawed Presidential candidate ever, John Kerry presents the country with an opportunity to re-examine the Vietnam war, separating truth from the urban legends that bubbled up from the cesspits of Berkeley, to take a long overdue look at what the

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