Articles from June 2004

And Now For Some Brownshirts on the OTHER Side

OK, this crap has got to STOP, right about fucking NOW! A while ago, I had a post about SF gallery owner Lori Haigh and how she’d been assaulted and hit in the face because some troglodyte decided that he didn’t like a painting she was displaying. At the time, I had my doubts about

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Well, at Least She’s Not Trying to Hide it…

(Thanks to LCs Joe Dromedary and Phil) Just in case you ever catch yourself wondering whether the Hildebeest really is all that much of a commie cunt (we’re told that it’s a term of endearment, so don’t get all huffy and puffy on us now), here’s a link to show you one of the dark,

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Ask the Emperor…

LC Robert was recently accosted by a few representatives of the patchouli crowd picketing his place of employ for no good reason at all (other than the fact that it is a big company and therefore, by Howling Moonbat “Logic”, inherently Eeeeevilllll?), and he got to wondering. Thankfully, he decided to pass the question on

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Bush Urges EU to Accept Turkey

He went on to say: “That dream can be realized by this generation of Turks. America believes that as a European power, Turkey belongs in the European Union.” Listen, Dubya, we’re easily as pissed off at the Turks for stabbing us in the back prior to the invasion as you are, but that’s just CRUEL,

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You May Have Been Wondering…

…why his Imperial Majesty hasn’t commented on Mickey Moore-on’s latest work of fiction, “Fahrenheit 9/11”. The reason is, quite frankly, that His Fairness hasn’t been able to come up with words that do justice to the level of intellect and deep thought displayed in the Astoundingly Ambulatory Abscess of Asininity’s latest epic. But we never

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Voices of Iraq

…that the “journalists” couldn’t be bothered to leave the bar of their hotel to go record. But we’re still listening.

A Few Words for the Islamist Cowards:

In case the frightened little sand louse pussies who are holding CPL Wassef Ali Hassoun haven’t carried out their heinous deed yet, here’s a letter from another US Marine that they might want to read before they dress up in masks and get ready. Currently, you are enemies of the US and therefore enemies of

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Tick… Tock…

The ever lovable “Religion of Peace” (my Ass) claim to have murdered another American. In a clear act of desperation following the handover of sovereignty to the people of Iraq, the towelheaded swine made SPC Matt Maupin kneel in front of a freshly dug grave, then shot him in the back of the head. Obviously

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Israel Strikes Back

(Link thanks to LC Christopher) Never known for sitting on their hands while savages brutalize and murder their citizens, Israel struck back after the cowardly paleswinian rocket bombardment of a kindergarten. GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip ? Israeli tanks rolled into northern Gaza and gunships fired missiles at two buildings early Tuesday in what the military

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Talking About the REAL Nazis

You know, it’s easy to laugh at Drooling Al Gore and his rantings and ravings about the “digital brownshirts”. After all, the poor, pathetic waste of skin is quite clearly clinically insane, the result of a blow to an already fragile ego. How can you not laugh at such a pitiful spectacle? Well, we guess

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