Articles from April 2004

A Few Words on the “Torture” in Iraq

Seems everybody in the world is talking about the goings on in Abu Ghraib, and for good reasons too. Let’s clear the air here a bit, though. To the best of our knowledge, nobody had limbs cut off or were subjected to anything that could be called “torture”. Humiliated, scared, forced to do disgusting things

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The Price of Appeasement

(Thanks to LC Leah, who sent us the link) Gather round while I tell you about a thriving, agricultural community in the middle of the desert, a city no different from our own American suburbs, a city with schools, parks, farms and places of worship that, if it wasn’t for the palm trees, would be

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The Grapes of Wrath (Or “Cheaters Never Win”)

(Drink Alert!) Thanks to a heads up by LC Defense Guy, we’re able to bring you this video that proves, once again, that you should play “Fair & Square”, no matter what the game. Watch it, then pray to the deity of your choosing (if any) for foregiveness for being so cold-hearted and laughing your

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Well, There’s Another Wasted Scholarship

Some dimwitted Mensa reject at UMass name of Rene Gonzales decides to take a piss on a hero’s grave, probably hoping that it’ll help him get laid. LC & IB Michele takes out the trash. Yet another scholarship wasted that would’ve been better spent teaching turtles to sing than trying to cram anything useful into

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Getting Hot in There, al-SadAss?

(Link thanks to LC Maya, who found it at the Puppy Blender) It seems that all of those Iraqis that the Loony Moonbat Brigades keep insisting “hate us” have found somebody else to hate, that somebody else being the “guerillas” that the same treasonous Left so love and adore. Mystery group wage war on Sadr’s

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Did The *spit* UN *spit* Retain Hitlary’s Rose Law Firm?

Imperial Font of Knowledge?, Sir George, has the scoop on the Hitlary-esque disappearance of the majority of documentation for the *spit* UN *spit* “Oil For Palaces” contracts. April 29, 2004 — WASHINGTON – The vast majority of the United Nations’ oil-for-food contracts in Iraq have mysteriously vanished, crippling investigators trying to uncover fraud in the

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Feeling the Heat, Kaffir Anus?

(Link thanks to LC Christopher) Since we’re already on the subject of useless organizations in complete meltdown, we might as well turn our eyes to the Useless Nitwits yet again, and their Secretory General in particular. You know, the “esteemed” U.N. at the smelly feet of which Fuckface Kerry can’t wait to grovel and slurp,

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Increasingly Desperate Donks Attempt Relaunch of Debunked Meme

…and from the Senate floor, no less. While John Hanoi Fuckface Kerry is busy running around whining to G-d and everybody who cares to listen to him (that would be Chris Matthews and practically nobody else) about how the vicious, evil Administration is “questioning his patriotism” without providing us with a single example of the

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Another Fighting Fusiliers Auction…

…and you have to be quick on this one, since the official campaign closes at midnight today. How’d you like to own an official Imperial ClueBat, crafted by His Majesty’s Personal ClueBatSmith, LC & IB Russ? Well, here’s yer chance.

BWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, Gawd! Make It Stop!! The Pain!

Via Glenn Beck, we learn of…… heheheheh…….. hooohoooohoooo…… ahem…. hehe…. this…… Robbers Die Trying to Hold-Up Suicide Bomber BWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! A Hamas suicide bomber blew up two armed Palestinians who tried to rob him at gun point in the Gaza Strip. Must ………….. breathe………….. head …….. getting….. light……… Hamas claimed the ?stickup men? worked for Israeli

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