Articles from March 2004

OK, this “Hearts and Minds” Shit Has Gone on for Long Enough…

Time to go back to basics with these swine (link via LGF) Wed Mar 31, 3:40 PM ET By Michael Georgy FALLUJA, Iraq (Reuters) – A vengeful crowd of cheering Iraqis dragged the burned and mutilated bodies of four American contractors through the streets of Falluja Wednesday after killing them in a vehicle ambush. Now

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What a Fucking Sellout…

Well, I’ve always said that there’s no such thing as an “unbribable man”, it’s only a matter of whether you can afford the price and you think that it’s worth it, but I’d never in my life expected that this would happen. I’m rarely ever wrong about people, but it turned out that I was

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Playing Catchup…

As always, we’re a day late and a dollar short in advertising the fact that the Imperial Minister for Truth has spoken once again. Go read “It’s a Trap”, right now. You’ll be sorry if you don’t. Really, really, sorry.

Oh, and Another Thing…

The email is fucked up again. I receive, but I can’t send. This is getting really REALLY old, FAST.

Well, Say Goodnight, Britain…

An LC (whose nick remains a mystery, since it wasn’t included in the mail) sent us news that Tony Blair has decided to commemorate the Battle of Waterloo by signing away British sovereignty to Jacques ChIRAQ on its anniversary: Shadow Foreign Secretary Michael Ancram said: ?It?s ironic that on the day British grit at Waterloo

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If “Stupid” Made You Rich…

…our friends up North would be rolling in it. Check out this from the Canuck prison system, forwarded to us by

The Voice of Youthful Idealism

We got a comment in a completely unrelated post about how our “hatred” of the backstabbing EUroweenies was entirely unbecoming, seeing as how wonderful, peaceful and cooperative the EUnuch Union really is and how they’re inevitably destined for greatness. We always love it when somebody tries to lecture us on the nature of Europeans and

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And Now For Something Completely Boring

The Imperial Mail System is experiencing some difficulties at this time. We receive mail fine, but we’re unable to send any, for some reason. We trust that our host, Hosting Matters, will have the problem fixed soon. Until then, please don’t explode if your mail isn’t replied to. (And if you must, kindly situate yourselves

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Hamas Declares Allah’s War On US…. Can We Start The Bombing Already?

Now that the formalities are out of the way, the Imperial Dungeon Game Room? staff would like to offer our collective paychecks (Which ain’t sayin’ a whole helluva lot, what with that cheap bastard upstairs the exorbitant tax rates these days.) to the effort to purchase New & Improved Anti-Splodeydopin Incendiary Devices? to be delivered

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Ze Chicken have Zu Roost Home Gekommen

The Fermans are beginning to realize that maybe pissing off the Evil Americans and stabbing them in the back wasn’t such a brilliant idea after all, according to this article sent to us by LC Hutch. March 28, 2004 WUERZBURG, GERMANY — As host to 170,000 American soldiers and dependents, Germany has a lot to

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