Articles from February 2004

“I Love to Ride My Bicycle…”

(Via LC & IB Hootinan) How the hell did this slip under the Imperial Radar?? Another premature combustion among the followers of the Religion of Peace (My Ass): “A Palestinian suicide bomber on a bicycle detonated himself prematurely in the area of the greenhouses of Kfar Darom,” an army spokesman told AFP, saying the bomber

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Fuckface Kerry, War Criminal

(Via the Puppy Blender) According to this article, it’s no wonder Hanoi John was babbling about war crimes from the moment he hit U.S. shores after his Excellent Four Month Adventure in Southeast Asia. First-hand experience will do that to you: [T]he fabled and distinguished chief of naval operations,Admiral Elmo Zumwalt,told me 30 years ago

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“It’s For the Children?”

Or is it because snatched kids are oh so easy to do with as you please, once the Child Abductive Services have grabbed them from their families and turned them over to become property of the Almighty Nazi State? LC Daniel sends us a couple of links that make it very, very hard for us

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EAT Them, Ferchrissakes!

(Thanks to LC Quark2, G.L.O.R. for the link) EUnuchistan is about to succumb to the Red Menace after all, according to this article: Millions of giant Pacific crabs, whose ancestors were brought to Europe by Joseph Stalin in the 1930s, are marching south along Norway’s coast, devouring everything in their path. The monster crabs, which

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Three More Down, Several Pizzas to go…

(Via LC & IB DGCI) [Somewhere on a dusty street in Gaza. Two IDF soldiers and friends of the Empire are patrolling in the baking sun…] Shlomo: So anyway, I told my cousin Uri: “Uri”, I said, “do I look completely meshugah to you? I’m not ABOUT to buy one of your cell phones, no

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From the Mouth of Rummy

…to your monitor. LC & IB John Hawkins of Right Wing News has collected a bunch of juicy Donald Rumsfeld quotes that you’d do well not to miss.

Next, The EUnuchtarians Will Insist that the Catholic Church Choose a Muslim Pope.

LC Fiery Celt sends us this link to an article about Idiocy in the Grand EUrinal: Euro rules force Church bodies to employ atheists By Jonathan Petre, Religion Correspondent (Filed: 25/01/2003) Thousands of religious schools, charities and organisations could face legal action if they refuse to employ atheists or sack staff who become Satanists under

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Lying Mullahs and the Lying Lies they Lie About

The Mad Mullahs of Tehran, in their quest to get their friend and future benefactor (at least that’s what he says) John Arnold Kerry elected, has decided to claim that Osama bin Liner has been caught and is being held in secrecy by the Great Satan. The claim came as Pakistan’s army hunted terror suspects

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You Mean, We’re Going to get Actual NEWS From Iraq?

LC & IB Jennifer reports on a new development in Iraq. Our Armed Forces are about to launch a news service with actual facts from the ground, as opposed to the Kerry News Network and their ilk. One quote from the article she links to: U.S. Army CPT. Randall Baucom, a spokesman for the U.S.

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That Evil Glenn Has Crossed the LINE!

You know, it’s one thing that that Satan-worshipping, hobo-murdering, Vespa-driving, puppy blending freak tries to come up with awards that he’s obviously not NEARLY evil enough to win (quit screwing around on our turf, Glenn, we’re WARNING you! We’ve forgotten more about being evil than you’ll EVER learn), but when he tries to take credit

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