Articles from January 2004

Improve the Morale of our Troops

It is my great honor and privilege to help plug this wonderful initiative by LC & IB Blackfive Paddy O’Tater Tots. As all of you other vets out there will know, there is nothing new in the fact that being deployed far away from your loved ones and being surrounded by bastards who want to

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Short and Sweet is the Message

…from LC & IB KaShei of Spot On. At least I can’t find a shorter and more accurate way of expressing my opinion on this.

And Chickens are Coming Home to Roost

Several days ago, a long list of names came out of Iraq, a list of swine all over the world who’d been taking massive bribes from Sod’em Insane in return for their undying support and opposition to his removal. There really aren’t any surprises among the names on the list (unless you’re a card-carrying Idiotarian,

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Of Masses

The Imperial Poet Laureate, once again, has outdone himself. Moving, solemn and to the point.


…or, at least, that’s the only way we can explain this sudden outburst of paranoia from Fidel, sent to us by LC Jack. As far as we know, our plans for the, er, “retirement” of Fidel haven’t changed recently, which is to say that we don’t have many plans at all, sadly. Fidel, on the

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Yup. That’s The “Religion of Peace” We All Know & Loathe

With the Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, aka The Vatican of Terrorism?, in full swing, we weren’t disappointed by the calls for Peace, Love & Huggable Bunnies? that came spewing forth from the frothing mouths of the Mad Mullahs of Mayhem?. “Oh God, give victory to the mujahedeen [holy warriors] everywhere,” al-Taleb said. “Give

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Dhimmicraps Looking Out For “The Little Guy?”

Whip out this article the next time some Fuckwitted Idiotarian Socialista? tells you that only the Donks give a flying fuck about The Working Man?. Florida Farmworkers Sue Dairy Owned by Family of Sen. Graham Over Wages That would be “Former Presidential Candidate Graham“. Remember him? We here in the Land of Hanging Chads? and

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Kaffir Annan Bloviates Again…

(Link thanks to LC Fiery Celt) And we’re kind of torn here – should we take a shot at the bleating Head Idiotarian of the Useless Ninkompoops, or should we savor the fact that he’s slamming the EUnuchs? Well, we just can’t help it. Apparently the Secretory Glandula of the United Nutgoblins is upset that

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Serving Those Who Served

LC Erik informs us of a truly good man, Hal Koster, co-owner of Fran O’Brien’s Stadium Steakhouse, where they’ve been serving free steak dinners for our injured veterans of Operation Kill Iraqi Bastards. Mr. Koster, you’re one of the reasons that I’m proud to be an American and you’re an example to us all. G-d

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Another Victory for Colon Bowel’s “Roadmap to Auschwitz”

Yes, we’re late with this posting, but after the latest terror attack committed by the sand nit paleswinians that claimed the lives of 10 innocent human beings, I’d very much like to meet one of the swine in this country who continue to express outrage at the fence designed to protect Israel against murders like

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