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Imperial Language Lesson #473

Today’s lesson has to do with the importance of proper punctuation and the potential for misunderstandings that may occur with the lack thereof. Example #1: “It’s tough to leave your girlfriends behind.“ Simple and straightforward enough, no? Example #2: “It’s tough to leave your girlfriend’s behind.“ ‘Nuff sed. Remember kids: “Punctuation is the key to

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Merry Christmas

And now that we’ve vented our spleen a bit, it’s time to return to the true spirit of the season. Obviously, with everything that’s been and is going on and with all the bills etc., Christmas isn’t quite the same this year, but we’ve got a little Christmas tree and the Heirs’ Christmas presents have

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Oh, and Did We Mention?

Not that anybody paying any sort of attention wouldn’t already know, seeing as how we changed the link yesterday, but a certain Imperial Blogsister and Duchess has finally found her way back to the keyboard. It’s about bleeding time too, Sis. Welcome back. We’ve missed you!

Letters to the Troops

LCs, please direct your attention this way for a minute.&#160 Thank you. We have a project that needs doing.&#160 SlagleRock over at the Slaughterhouse has asked me to link to this post, in which he respectfully requests all bloggers to write a letter to the troops to let ’em know we’re thinking about them, and

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Crusty Pizza for the IDF

It is with pride and joy that we join in the annual Hanukkah drive for Pizza for the IDF. Although Yasser Arafish remains satisfyingly dead and the killing of Terrorstinians seems to have become an internecine affair while everybody tries to become Murderer Instead of the Murderer, keeping an eye on the murderous little camel

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Our Most Profound Thanks

To the most exceedingly generous LC (who wishes to remain anonymous) who sent me a prodigiously excellent digital camera in order to, I presume, gently nudge me into taking more pictures of the heirs, I wish to express my most sincere, humble and neverending gratitude. You know who you are. All I can say to

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Heads up

Guyz, you may have noticed in comments yesterday & today that we have some fucktard ad-bot calling itself “Bloggerman” leaving a blurb that starts this way: Blogging is the next generation of the Internet. If you’ve got something to say that interests somebody else, by golly, then there you have it! This tripe has appeared

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Just Trying To Be Helpful……….

In an attempt to “reach out to the Left“, we here in the Imperial Dungeon? Game Room? bring you the following Public Service Announcement: [UPDATE the 3rd: Image deleted – Emperor Misha I. Having carefully turned the issue over in my head, I’ve decided to remove the image from the site. Not as any judgment

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An Imperial Announcement

*Tap, tap* Is this on? It is? Good. I was afraid that the batteries had died. I apologize for my long absence and, most of all, I apologize for the inexcusable lack of response on my part to all of the wonderful, supportive emails that I’ve received. I will get around to it, but things

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Wow! Thanks!

Words fail me right now, my very dear friends and well-wishers. I’m literally moved to tears by the outpouring of support over the last 24 hours or so. Before I get started on thanking each and every one of you who mailed me personally, I want you all to know that your support, compassion, advice,

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