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Conceptual fallacies

Building on the prior post, there are a number of things within the destruction of culture which involve fooling the citizens to drive benefit to those in positions of power. Sadly, we in this constitutional republic have allowed such concentration of power (money) to flow to one central location.
The language is being debased to instill confusion and divorce the mind from reality. Below are some of the more visible memes in no particular order. The headings come from present day media narratives, the comments below are my view as what is being actually done or the goal desired by those who are promoting the fallacy.

Climate Change (or Global Warming or Global Cooling or whatever du jour) will destroy the planet

This OpEd does a far better job at explaining the BS than I can muster – go read it. Site is loaded with advertising, but the actual article is interesting.

There is lack of equity between races or groups

America is pretty much the first and only country founded on the concept of individual rights granted by God. What that means in simple language is that we are all born with the potential for success under a free society. No one, not even God can guarantee equality of outcomes, which is what this equity crap refers to. Taking from those who achieve and giving a small pittance of it to those who do not is not going to make anything “even” other than uniformity of misery while those who control become wealthy, stealing from the process. It is about control and money, nothing more.

Carbon neutrality is a beneficial goal for mankind

See Climate Change above. Nothing more than another scheme to take money from nations that achieve and pocketing most of it by those in control with a pittance going to others. Just another scam. Modern human society requires energy to function and survive. The best energy density for money is still naturally occurring oil, gas and minerals (yes, flowing water too but that is limited). BTW, there is a pretty strong amount of evidence that processes within this planet generate oil and natural gas continually. Solar, wind, tides are all fine but still non-competitive with earth fuels and are horribly unreliable. You want the best possible zero carbon system? Convert over to nuclear across the board for 100% of our electricity leaving earth fuels for heat, transportation, clothing, drugs, plastics and the thousands of other products derived from same (your cell phone would not exist without oil and energy). BTW, if you like food (most of us like it), eliminate all “carbon” otherwise known as carbon dioxide and there won’t be enough food to survive. The planet is greener and more food is produced now than ever before. Greatest scam ever invented and swallowed by masses of hysterical idiots, I mean Al Gore! Really??. Yeah sure, China will meet all the goals, as in never.

America has stolen the wealth of others (variations thereof)

Sounds pithy does it not? No mention that the resources that developed this nation have been internal for most of our history, with a short aberration in the 20th Century where we imported energy -(cheaply for a while but to the detriment of jobs and hence society, later rendered un-necessary due to advances in technology developed in country. And to those who jump up and down “because slavery”, the U.S. importation and use of slave labor was miniscule and did not last long compared to other nations. Nor does it own up to the fact that this awful practice is still on going in Africa, the Middle East and China. No theft was involved with any of it BTW, it has always been a business transaction with monies paid for goods purchased. Maybe someone should check the income records of certain African coastal nations for the period .

Electric cars are the future of transportation for all

If and when the day arrives, where battery technology provides equal or better energy density, ease of use and 10 minute full refueling as compared to petroleum products, let me know, doubt I will be alive by then. Of course no one wants to discuss the fact that if all 400 million+ vehicles currently in use go electric and need to hook up to the grid each night, the entire power distribution system would fail. To revamp it would require the construction of 5 power plants per week for several years (gosh, exactly what China is doing today –gasp!) not to mention distribution grid upgrades. We are talking Trillions of dollars. Sorry, ain’t gonna happen much less with aircraft, heavy haul and ocean going vessels. Oh, and that pesky little detail, most of the critical materials for electric everything are currently controlled by China and other paragons of stability like Boliva, while we are forbidden from using our own resources. Go figure. And before you jump up and down and yell “Hydrogen”, go take a look at the energy required to separate oxygen from hydrogen and what it takes to compress, store (safely) and use Hydrogen in transportation. Again, not in the foreseeable future.

Mass transit is needed and must be forced on the nation

This canard comes from the communist playbook and has more to do with control and union featherbedding (D party kickbacks) than being beneficial to the individual. Places with high population density and short commute distances might be a good fit for the concept but there is no way for mass transit to match the convenience and flexibility of individual transport. What is more, countries with vast open spaces and sparse population do not lend themselves to economical mass transit, simply does not work and wishing it so goes right there with global warming, leprechaun rainbows and unicorn farts.

Open borders, defund the police, everyone has a right to come to this country etc.

Where to start with this crap. First off is to recognize it is a perfectly good way (and plan) to destroy the institutions that make the country function and cause fractious infighting within the nation, all to perceived benefit to the ones who think they can control the situation. No assimilation, no adapting to the American way of life and customs, infinite gifting of ever diminishing value currency to those who do not produce and never will given the lack of assimilation. You have open borders, you do not have a nation state, you have anarchy and boy, are those pushing this in for a rude awakening when it hits critical mass. Sadly the mathematics involved is pretty disturbing. For example, once you get more than 20% Muslim majority in any area, the agitation for Sharia goes full tilt, go read about what France is currently facing. Not to pick only on that group alone, bring in 30 million unskilled, un-assimilable Hispanic OTM’s and Mexicans, you get the same corrosive destruction of society, hastened by drugs, lawlessness and general concentration of peoples in self forming ghettos which rapidly become no-go zones (again – see France and now Sweden). De-fund the police is nothing more than pandering to various groups as a means of causing instability and hastening the collapse of American society (under the delusion  the “elites” remain in charge). The only good aspect of this is that it is so far confined mostly to D run states and cities, some of which are hazily grasping that they are no longer in control of the local situation. Then there is the question on whom is funding the anarchy? Hint, in fair measure, it is our tax money, thank you 44/46.

Equality under the law (or Laws apply only to those not in positions of power)

Will end it with this one, as nothing has become more apparent to most of us over these past 20 years than the fact that there are those in the federal government and peripheral to it that believe themselves, their cronies and financiers, to be above the law.

One set of rules for them based on “who you know” and another set for all the rest of us, subject to a heavily corrupt system of justice, trampling of the constitution and the complete co-opting of the 4th branch of government, the supposed watchdogs of the press. Now just lapdogs to the D party as currently constituted. Pravda on the Potomac is not just a bumper sticker. In this area we are indeed already a banana republic.

When you step back and run a checklist, it is plain to see where 100 years of intentional corrosion of society and culture has taken the nation, courts, politics, schools, law enforcement, intel agencies, even the church and possibly the armed forces (upper echelons). One and all corrupted by those seeking to stay in power and gain wealth, permanently, by any means. Things that can’t go on forever won’t. The unanswered question if how soon and how painful hitting the wall will be.

Diogenes redux

I think we are all familiar with the story of Diogenes, walking the streets during daytime, holding a lantern and peering into the faces of passer byes.×750/2908.jpg.webp?v=1621773002

Ostensibly seeking an honest man, with poor result. Kind of proves that there is nothing new under the sun, as he would face even greater odds of failure were it to be Washington D.C. , or the seat of government of pretty much any place you choose to name.

What fascinates me is that the tales of his life mention that he was run out of Sinope for adulterating the coinage, a shocking parallel to what is being done to our currency this very moment by the federal government (but which could be said to have taken off when we went off the gold standard to fiat currency). Go on, tell me what is the difference in shaving off flecks of gold or silver from a coin, or tampering with the purity of the metal, as to achieving the same result through inflation on paper currency, not to mention printing and spending it while destroying all faith in what backs it? In case I am being too obtuse, fiat currency exists on the belief by the user that the issuer stands behind the value of the note and that the economic might of the nation will guarantee continuing prosperity. Kind of scary, eh?

Then there is his practicing of the Cynic branch of philosophy, from whence flows not only asceticism and self reliance but also a word that corresponds to not believing anything you hear from others until tangible evidence is presented.

Cynicism ought to be the order of the day in all things involving government. Practice it daily, become proficient at it. Deride and laugh at all fools, especially in politics. It is cathartic and serves a sound purpose, to wit, making the opposition crazy leads them to make even greater fools of themselves, destroying what credibility they may have.

We are at war within America, have been for the last 100 years, only one side (until recently) has chosen not to see it (more likely too busy with life to pay attention). The culture of a nation rests on faith, laws and honor within society. One small group has assiduously been destroying the culture and by such means, eroding the foundation of our nation which is our constitution backed by an honest fear of god,  unique among all forms of government that have preceded it and worth defending if you want to sustain the greatness of our people and our ability to provide boundless opportunity for generations that follow.

Tedium Rex

I can tell from the few commenters and the subjects at hand that we are pretty much all suffering from political burnout. Royal, fucking, dig all the way to China burnout.

It would be nice if some of The Management TM, would check in once in a while, nonetheless, left to my own devices, can we at least all agree on the following statements (and if you don’t agree, tough):

1) High likelihood that the entire 2020 election was both electronically corrupted and as backup, flooded with fake ballots (bulk printed in China) and every other skullduggery in the D/Alinsky playbook? Just look at the lucre and effort being placed by the D party and their useful RINOs to BLOCK verification of ballots and machine tabulators. An open and free society under rule of law does not act this way.

2) That the Wuhan enhanced bat flu was probably a purposeful political tool of the CCP in cahoots with their useful idiots in USA to ensure removal of  45?  Reference the 2017 Fauci interview in which he clearly predicted events. Followed by the NIH and proxies funding said research by “The Bat Lady”? Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action and if you count the flip flops and revelations since, it is all but undeclared war.

3) Review all the actions taken by the 44 administration (and their puppets in 46) aimed at destroying the established institutions of law. They have destroyed all credibility in our intelligence agencies, the courts, the entire system of education and now the military.  Following the Alinsky book to the letter.

4) The creation of and government funding of organizations such as BLM, Antifa, leftist DA’s/Jusdges and others (teachers unions and press, anybody?) used to subvert the rule of law and intimidate the population. You will clearly discern that these events and destruction mostly take place in solid D dominated cities and states. Question why this is so and go from there.

5) Examine every action taken by the so called 46 administration to reverse every policy that heretofore produces beneficial economic results, putting in place those which in their eyes, guarantee the hold on power by a uniparty state.  Gird yourselves for the coming Weimar republic of the U.S.S.A, where inflation makes money worthless and the standard of living for all takes a nosedive.  It is on track for this whether you want to see it or not.

There is so much more, but I too am nearing burnout on all of it simply because the 90% of .gov seems to be working to destroy the Constitution and disenfranchise “We the People”. Doing a bang up job of it too. 

It is possible that some of these efforts to shine light on all of the above will happen, but whether they will actually result in the truth coming out is questionable when virtually the entire media/press/D party elites and RINO population is dead set on burying the truth. 

Oh go ahead, scream that we who live in the real world TM are “_____________” fill in the blank with the pejorative du jour.  Fascists, misogynists, racists, anti-LGBTQBLMNFA or whatever the fuck, does not change reality for 80% of the nation outside of the DC bubble and certain major cities.

With that, take a moment tomorrow to remember those who gave their lives for this nation and more importantly, support those who have come back suffering great bodily and mental harm. We owe every one of them for the 240 plus years of freedom. Remember too that every citizen over age 18 is by definition, a defender of freedom, should events ever so require.

The Better Rat Trap

We live in an age of miracles, which 99.9% of the population take for granted without the least thought on how we come to have such mundane witchcraft.

A scant 6 generations ago, the horse or shanks mare was the main motive power of the land for the individual and steam powered devices, fired by wood or coal were the order of the day for long distance travel, be it by land or by sea.

This newfangled thing called electricity was at it’s infancy and the mechanical power to produce it came from swift moving water. The capture of wind for motion was all but gone except for a few remaining grist mills, many of which also used water power where such was available.

You need light, toast, heat, cold or mindless entertainment, just flip a switch. Most know to not stick their fingers into an electrical device, a conclusion arrived at by way of many preceding Darwin award winners. And yet, a sizeable swath of our population seems to think that there are “good” sources of energy and “bad” ones, with zero thought on what maintains their standard of living.

After raising 3 children, educated by the public school system in the 1990’s it became abundantly clear that practical knowledge and the history of advancement of the human race are no longer a subject of interest to educators. A trend that has accelerated to the present, where critical thinking and understanding of consequences for actions taken have all but vanished.

Efficiency has always been the holy grail of humanity, not because of its benefits but because we are basically lazy, so the less work needed to do a task, the more lollygagging there is to be achieved. And boy, are we good at doing nothing, aside from that small percentage driven by this spark for achievement, adventure or fame (some overlap).

Boiled down, if the human has enough food, shelter and distractions, the drive to do more diminishes and in many cases goes negative. Negative? How is this possible you ask? Well let me explain, take a look at all these crowds that form every time there is an untoward event, followed by property destruction which includes burning, looting and general mayhem. This is negative drive, very few animals willfully destroy their habitat given they need to live in it and have a source of food from it.

So now hie thee over to this once marvel of achievement, the windy city named Chicago. Chicago means land of onions in the native language of the original indigenes, so we can infer that the place stank even before being settled by immigrants. Nonetheless, immigrants built a sleepy town on the shores of a lake into a great hub of progress, attracting thousands then millions to live there and work in the mills, factories, steel foundries, rail and ship builders and so on. Even Mrs. O’Leary was not able to burn it all down. (If you like rabbit holes – see here )

It may have been the “second city” compared to NY and the Empire State, but in terms of actual human achievement, production and prosperity, it is arguable which state took the lead in the development of this nation. So onwards to the present day.

Chicago is a husk of what it once was. Heavy industry, manufacturing and innovation are all but gone and the Gary steel mills are much reduced. It does continue as an agricultural hub seeing that heavy rail and ship/barge traffic are needed to move Midwest bulk commodities to market . To some degree, light industry is still present but not very stable. With the city and a good portion of the state being controlled by crooked politicians for at least 5 generations, this leads to an entire ecosystem that exists to support non-productive government officials on the takings from the productive sectors. Can we say “great society experiment”, children? Yes, I knew you could.

This then brings us to a Chicago, where 30 shootings and 4 deaths is a “normal” weekend, with special performance spikes when the weather is hot and there is a 3 day holiday. Note that daily reports are not even mentioned any more, just the week/weekend tally.

Not only is there human vermin, the product of those generations of fatherless .gov for daddy breeders, but apparently these same folks (unexpectedly) create the ideal environment for actual vermin, namely Rattus rattus (and you thought I lost my thread!).,w_1440,f_auto/50491001_kupidw.png

Now most of us would call Orkin, Truly Nolen or another appropriate critter management firm to take care of the problem private sector, but no, this is simply not done in politically correct Chicago (maybe the rats there just thrive on Coumadin , who knows) where Mayor Light (in head) Foot, ordered the capture of thousands of feral felines in the surrounding lands, to be released in the city proper as the solution (mind they have to be spayed/fixed first at taxpayer expense). Now yon citizens have to put up more tax, cat turds in their tiny back yards (just another tax, really) and feral cat fights every night. I am certain the rats are enjoying the spectacle along with other vermin of the streets.

Happy Sunday, one can always look forward to reading the Monday police blotter report.

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