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Pandemic – What Can We Say We Know, In Spite of the Media?

I have been reading some of the back and forth on the CCPVirus here on the Rottie. I thought I would share what I have learned about the coronavirus and the responses to it by governments around the world.
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To all our friends, met and yet to meet, who are of the tribe, greetings and may you all enjoy time with family during Hanukkah.

As most of us have by now swept up the somewhat equivalent of Thanksgiving, where family and friends also gather, albeit for one day of contemplation, it is time to ruminate on our many blessings, which are being sorely taxed of late.

Looking about, I still see a land that provides plenty for all who labor and by and large is far easier to live in than most other lands. Yes humans can be abject fools at times but then get to enjoy (more like suffer) the poor choices made. But in America, this is not an end all, we are not born into castes or stratified class, we have opportunity to change our fortunes if we make the effort.

I pray every one of you that visits here continues with the strength and will to overcome temporary setbacks; what we are currently being subject to is temporary, there will come a reckoning for those who cause pain unto others on such a vast scale.

Oz is sinking fast

This is fucking (pardon my French) ASININE!

A great number of heads in Canberra need to roll after a long ride in a caged tumbril such that citizens can pelt them with rotten fruit and stones.

I do miss the Australia of the 1970’s. 80’s and 90’s when I was thee on business frequently. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Kenosha As We Knew Ye

Not sure what is going to happen tomorrow or Wednesday. It could be a total travesty of justice or a sane verdict based on actual facts exposed. The judge seems to be a “no nonsense in my courtroom” type but then he is a D (but possibly a classical sane JFK liberal).

Going to be interesting to see if the deep state evaluates whether to unleash their dogs (Antifa/BLM/Blackshirt goons) or if they dimly are beginning to realize that their chances of holding onto power are diminishing by the minute, to the point that even their algorithm adjusted voting tabulators are going to crash and burn (that or midnight visitors with torches and pitchforks will do the deed).

Of course, one cannot predict if the local “gimme an Obamaphone” brigades won’t decide it is as good excuse as any to loot and pillage what with being so close to Black Friday (dat be raycis) then Christmas and all.

Then there is Mayor hooked grouper of Chicongo just a hop, skip and jump south of Wizconzin, who will blame whitey for absolutely anything her “residents” do this week.

Stay safe out there, avoid crowds and be circumspect when shopping.

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The Meaning of Election 2021

While some of the feces still remain airborne on the downwind side of the democrat’s fan, the results of the election cycle of 2021 clearly favored the conservative public. This is something of a surprising result. While most of us surely expected a powerful backlash to all the corruption, misdeeds and general dingbattery of the

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An Observation

Have any of you noticed that in days past, when a robber baron or extremely wealthy American Tycoon wanted privacy and “time away from the office”, they would go to some location in the U.S.A. that was somewhat isolated and likely owned a few hundreds or thousands of acres to keep it so? Then we

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Virginia – you really don’t want a McAuliffe Santa Clause

Don’t know how many (if any) readers exist in VA, but please, please do your civic duty Nov. 2nd and hie thee over to the polling stations in person and VOTE for the R governor candidate. Don’t know it it is legal or not, but would consider taking a picture (not to be shared unless

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Throughout history, recorded and before such recordings were made, the “value” of anything was and is based on what the owner thinks it is worth, negotiated with a buyer, who also has his estimation of what it is worth. The value of the property is zero until an agreement is reached allowing the good to

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Random Thoughts

Send Alec Baldwin to WashingtonNever burn all your marbles ©Always follow the turnip truck Read the label on the dog food sack, it explains everythingKing of the world job vacancy, apply now (Communists excluded)Natural immunity produces no revenueOpen door attracts moochersWhat the fuck were you thinking?Spring possums are better than chickensEvents overtake idiots every timeEpstein

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Prosperity and economic growth

Civilizations prosper when they reach a level of labor efficiency that allows for sufficient food and protection from the elements, with some hours daily to think and analyze what is about them. By this we historically meant every able bodied person over age 14 was in the labor force other than those remaining home to

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