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The emergent USCPC (Central Planning Comittee)

Several folks I know well, and whom have been in local politics for many years, have been musing about the decay of the three supposedly co-equal branches of government. Some going so far as to say there is no longer separation between the branches and it has been so for quite a while.

To whit, SCOTUS appears to be politically compromised to the point of inaction on matters of the constitution.

The Congress acts pretty much as one group, with nothing more than window dressing where there is supposed to be serious and active opposition by one party towards the other when things are going downhill (see spending and lack of serious budgeting).

Lastly the executive branch, which is now run essentially by the intel community, composed of multiple letter agencies all of whom are un-elected and more or less permanent in place, with revolving top personnel drawn from the DC/ NY/BOSTON/Chicago axis/cesspit (essentially the U.S. version of the Chinese CPC).

One could easily posit that all branches are hostage to the bureaucracy that knows a) all are corrupt (including the self same agencies) and b) have the proof under wraps, never to be revealed so long as no one steps out of line. Here again one just has to look at all which is NOT being reported or commented on outside of very narrow scope and only by some “new media” outlets or via so called “leaks”.

Lastly, and almost without needing of mention, being so visibly blatant, a news media which prior to mid 1930’s took great pains to report on government malfeasance, now acting as the voice of the uniparty and their handlers. Anything that does not advance the cause (whatever it is du jour) is swept out of view and worse, those in opposition to any policy are attacked mercilessly, giving the politicians all the deniability/cover they need.

This is an open thread for input from any who care to comment. Mind this is all to be viewed as reaching solutions by peaceful and constitutional means.

We all know there are examples of “corrections” to socialist/communist overreach in smaller countries during the 20th C  but at this point we do not need to speculate on that at the scale of the U.S.

Have at it.  My first comment towards the start of a solution is that the individual states have to take back powers rightfully theirs from the Federal government. Florida is showing a start. My second is that within the states, we the citizens have to start recalling government officials that are ursurping the powers reserved to us.  California Newsome is a start, Michigan Whitmer might be next if the courts in her state are not compromised.


The Infinity Post

I have NO idea where Management™ is hiding.   I am still getting all of the attempted cyber-hacking notices as this site languishes in utter disuse.  It won’t be long before some Russian or Korean hijacks the site for their nefarious uses.  I’ve pretty much stopped caring, since nobody seems to care.

If someone wants to start taking over the day-to-day business of posting stuff here, then let me know and I will gladly hook you up.  Just say the word, and I will crown you “pretender to the throne”.  I’ll be waiting…

Yo? Where’s the Revolution?

Just as we were getting all fired up. We mean, you don’t just march up 6 times more troops than we ever had deployed in Ashcanistan to counter a vicious, dangerous “insurrection” for nothing, do you?

So where are all of those “white supremacists”, (don’t make us laugh) looking to overturn a “legitimate” election (seriously, you guys, don’t make us laugh!)?

Looks to us like the “legitimate” rulers of this country are a whole lot more worried about their own people than those so-called existential threats from abroad.

What does that tell you about the current junta?

Nothing but good things, as far as we’re concerned. It’s always a good sign when fascists are more concerned about the threat from the people that they “govern” than the threat from those outside their borders.

When the people fear their government, you have tyranny.

When the government fear the people, you have liberty.

If you desire it.

If you prefer slavery, that’s up to you.


So, it Actually Happened

The Usurper has been “sworn in” (his hand really should have caught fire when he laid it on that Bible) and we now have a “president” who was “elected” through a massive fraud so self-evident that it could be seen from orbit. So self-evident, in fact, that family and acquaintances from overseas who don’t give a brass obol about politics and elections normally have been inundating us with questions along the line of “seriously? This is disputed? Even I could see it, and I wasn’t even looking!”

So we have a usurper who is about three ticks away from an official Alzheimer’s diagnosis (he’s lucky if he can remember his own name on a good day) and who’ll be 25th’ed out of office by his own jackals as soon as they can get it done, with a pretender usurper whose main claim to fame and only career achievement is that her legs open and close faster than the shutter mechanism on a movie projector.

Yeah, that’s going to work out swell for them.

Add to that 80 million severely pissed off Americans who never thought they’d find themselves living in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq where, to say at least one good thing about that defunct regime, you at least didn’t have to bother waiting up all night to get the election results.

And the 80 million is only counting the ones who actually voted for Trump. The 30% of Democrat voters who don’t believe the result aren’t included.

Yep. It’s going to work out wonderfully for the new junta.

We don’t foresee any sort of massive civil disobedience and utter disregard for any and all Führerbefehle coming from Grandpa Kiddy Diddler and his Skanky Whore. Nope, nossirree.

It’ll take a bit, probably, for the famously benign, kind and complacent majority of Americans to switch gears, but switch them they will.

Americans are not known for being easy to herd, they don’t take orders easily, especially if they fundamentally disagree with them and don’t respect the idiots issuing them, and we’d be mightily surprised if this was to prove the exception, regardless of what the Surrender Monkeys might utter while they’re rending their garments and pouring ashes into their hair.

We’d much have preferred if this whole issue could have been resolved the way it ought, but that would be expecting the nadless nithlings of the Supreme Court and Congress to have actually honored their oaths, and that, as has become obvious, was a long shot at best.

Predictably, we suppose, since none of them have ever had to make a hard choice in their lives, a choice between personal preference and integrity and honor, the latter two of which they have none of.

Oh well… It’s phase two then.

The good news is that the outcome is inevitable. The bad news is that it’s going to take a bit longer than we’d have hoped, and it’s going to hurt a lot more.

Hopefully, when all is said and done, we’ll remember that so we will be more careful about choosing our “leaders” the next time.

With His Imperial Majesty’s knowledge of history, however, that’s an even more foolish hope than any other hopes we could think of.

Human beings are the stupidest sacks of meat that G-d ever invented.


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Democrat demands election certification to be overturned

On Tuesday Democrat Rita Hart submitted a brief asking the House of Representatives to overturn that outcome. Authored by Democratic election lawyer Marc Elias, it says counting 22 mostly absentee ballots would give Ms. Hart a nine-vote lead. The brief asks the House to order another recount and use its constitutional authority to seat Ms.

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Sen. Cruz nailed it

This afternoon, I happened upon a Youtube of Mark Levin discussing the election, and discussing voter fraud. There was also an active chat in progress. Ten seconds later, the chat disconnected, a minute later the screen showed the actual channel had been terminated. If you disagree with someone, fine. If you doubt and say there

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Let’s see how many “trumpublicans” there are here

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This is not The End. It’s a Beginning

But, by all means, unfold the French Flags of surrender and be done with it, if you so desire. The Supreme Court had the last chance to end this in an orderly fashion. Unsurprisingly, they didn’t have the stones and chose to renege on their duty to hear cases between the States, presumably to pretend

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